Cassia Angustifolia



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Cassia angustifolia is pungent in taste and hot in nature. It eliminates phlegm and stool with motions. It is useful to cure asthma, cough, itching, arthritis and trembling of the hands and feet. It provides relief in pain and makes the forehead soft. Taking cassia angustifolia with gulkand removes cold. Taking it with honey enhances body power. Taking it with ghee provides relief from pain. Taking cassia angustifolia with sugar ends laziness and gets rid of chest pain. Taking cassia angustifolia with curd alleviates poisoning. Taking it with sugar-candy provides energy. Taking cassia angustifolia with water makes the body disease-free and healthy. Taking it with cow milk enhances the blood cells. Taking cassia angustifolia with china root improves eyesight. Eating it with date-plum prevents offensive smell from the mouth. Taking cassia angustifolia with tamarind juice gets rid of chest pain. Taking cassia angustifolia with pomegranate juice makes the stomach clear. Taking cassia angustifolia with warm water cures the diseases associated with ears, nose and head. Grind 40 grams cassia angustifolia and 10 grams Indian goose berry together. Filter this mixture and mix some water into this. Make tablets equal the pea from this mixture and dry these tablets in shade. Taking one tablet twice a day cures asthma and cough. Taking cassia angustifolia with ginger cures indigestion.

Dosage: It should be taken in 1 to 3 grams quantity.  

Name in different languages:

English              -       Tinavallecina, Cassia angustifolia

Hindi                  -       Sanay

Sanskrit             -       Swaranpatri

Marathi              -       Sona ji,


Cassia angustifolia is beneficial in constipation, indigestion, liver problems, stomach diseases, anorexia, slight fever and jaundice.

Useful in Different Diseases: 

1. Collapsing Fever: Make the powder by grinding cassia angustifolia and black salt 20 grams each together then sieve it. Taking 5 grams powder with warm water twice a day provides relief.

2. Asthma:

  • Take powder of cassia angustifolia and cloves, it provides relief.
  • Taking 5 grams powder of cassia angustifolia with water twice a day provides relief.

3. Gas trouble: Make the powder by grinding 20 grams cassia angustifolia, 40 grams colchicum, dry ginger and white cumin seeds, long pepper and pauonia odorata (Netrabala) 10 grams each together. Taking one gram powder with honey twice a day is useful to get relief in gas trouble.

4. Constipation:

  • Make the powder by grinding 50 grams leaves of cassia angustifolia, 100 grams aniseed and 20 grams sugar-candy together. Taking 10 grams prepared powder with warm water is useful to end constipation.
  • Grind cassia angustifolia, dry ginger, aniseed and rock salt 15 grams each together to prepare powder then sieve it. Mix this powder in lukewarm water then crush it and filter. Mix sugar into this mixture. Drinking prepared mixture before sleep at night provides relief.
  • Make the powder by grinding 20 grams leaves of cassia angustifolia. Grind 30 grams dry grapes (without seeds) with this powder and make small tablets from this mixture (do not mix water into this). Taking 2 tablets with milk or water before sleep at night ends constipation.
  • Mix cassia angustifolia, jagi myrobalan, dried grapes (Munakkha) and Indian jalap 6 grams each and 10 grams sugar-candy together. Taking this mixture with milk causes loose motions and makes the stomach clean. Only rice and curd should be taken in dinner.
  • Taking about ¼ gram powder of cassia angustifolia’s leaves with cloves and liquorice at night sets the motions right. It should not be taken in septic cousinship and irritable colon diseases.

5. Blood amoebic dysentery: Make the powder by grinding leaves of cassia angustifolia, triphala and black salt together. Mix lemon juice into this powder and makes tablets from it. Taking one tablet twice a day is useful to prevent blood amoebic dysentery.

6. Dyspepsia: Grind leaves of cassia angustifolia, dry ginger, big myrobalan, aniseed and Indian goose berry together to prepare the fine powder. Sieve this powder with a thin cloth. After that, take 2 spoons of this powder with lukewarm water before the meals regularly, it provides relief.

7. Purgative medicine: Drinking decoction of cassia angustifolia sets the motions right. Taking powder of cassia angustifolia, aniseed, dry ginger, rock salt and myrobalan causes loose motions and also clears the stomach.

8. Stomach swelling and inflammation: Grind cassia angustifolia with goat urine afterwards give to the patient for eating. It provides relief in swollen stomach.