Casearia Tomentosa



Name in different languages:

Hindi             :        Chilla, Chilara, Beri, Mera

Sanskrit        :        Chilhak

Marathi         :        Mussi, Lenja, Kari

Bengali         :        Chilla

Latin              :        Casearia Tomentosa

Gujarati         :        Gholom, Sunjhhal


          Casearia tomentosa is hot in nature and purifies the blood. It increases urine quantity and makes sperm count thick. It brings phlegm out.

Use of Casearia Tomentosa:

          Casearia Tomentosa is used to cure dropsy. Its fruit pulp should be given to the patient to eat and its ground bark should be coated on the patient. Its decoction should be used to take bath. Coating the ground bark of casearia tomentosa is useful to cure ringworm, psoriasis and eczema.