The medicine Cascarilla makes strong to the digestive system and breaks constipation.

Use of the medicine Cascarilla on the basis of symptoms of different diseases:

Symptoms of stomach:

The patient of stomach diseases suffers from excessive appetite and he keeps on demanding food to eat again and again in spite of having meal. The patient desires to drink hot beverages. He suffers from vomiting along with retching. Stomachache as if someone has pushed him and stomach pain with pressure gives troubles to the patient. In all these symptoms, the use of the medicine provides a lot of relief.

Symptoms of rectum:

If the symptoms are as constipation, hard stool with glutinous matter secreted with stool, blood with stool, twist in the stomach before evacuation of stool, laziness and backache with hard loose motions, pain in the upper part of the rectum like nibbling, the patient who suffers from these symptoms should take the medicine Cascarilla to get relief.

Symptoms of ear:

If the patient feels as if there is fire in side and outside of the ear, the patient should take the medicine Cascarilla to get relief.  Its use provides a lot of relief.


The disease aggravates by belching and cold.


The disease alleviates by drinking hot beverages and pressing.