Carrying the injured person to the hospital



        At the time of any type of accidents or attack of any serious disease, etc., it is necessary to give primary treatment to the sufferer just on the spot. But in many cases, it is very important to carry him/her to another place or to the nearest hospital, because primary treatment is not a complete treatment and he/she may need doctor’s help too. the primary treatment is given only for preventing the patient’s condition to become more complicated (serious). In few conditions like- when the sufferer is trapped in a room filled with smoke or poisonous gases, lying on the road in rain or storm, or falling down in a deep mine or pit, etc., it is very necessary to carry him/her out to any right place before giving primary treatment. 

        If you do not know how the sufferer or injured is lifting or carry to another place properly (the proper ways of lifting the sufferer or injured), he/she may get harm instead of benefits. This possibility is increased more when the sufferer or injured person is in unconscious stage, fractures taken place in the bones of his/her head, chest, vertebral column (spine), hips, etc. or when blood is coming out from any organ of his/her body. therefore, it is very important for you to have knowledge about the proper ways (manners) of lifting or carrying the injured person to the nearest hospital. If he/she is carried in a car or any other vehicles as improper manners in hurry, the injured person may get additional harms instead of benefits.

        In many cases, you or one who is giving primary treatment, forget one important thing which should be done before shifting the injured person to another place or hospital- checking immediately but carefully that which parts of sufferer’s body get how serious injuries or hurts? Because on the basis of the injuries or hurts only, it is decided that in which manner, he/she would be carried to another place or hospital. For illustration- In case of getting serious injuries or hurts on the face or fracture of the bones of upper body parts, the sufferer can be carried to the hospital by allowing him/her to walk on his/her feet. But, when the vertebral column has been fractured, the sufferer should be carried only on a stretcher. After carrying him/her to another place, the sufferer should be checked again that he/she has gotten any more harms or not during the way of carrying.             

Precautions while carrying the sufferer- While carrying the sufferer or injured person to another place or hospital, you should be careful about following things like-

  1. After accident, the posture he/she has adopted by his/herself or in which he/she has been kept, should not be changed without any particular reason.
  2. The sufferer should be handled very carefully while carrying him/her to the hospital. If dressing has been done, be careful about dislocation of it or bleeding again.
  3. The vehicles carrying the sufferer should be safe completely; should not move or get jerk much; should run smoothly and in speed. Few more things also very important and considerable- are you alone or you have any helper with you? how many helpers you have? Are stretcher, blanket, bed sheet, etc. available or not? by which rout and up to how much distance, the sufferer has to carry, etc.      

When you or one who is giving primary treatment are or is alone- in this condition, you can carry the sufferer to the nearest hospital by any of the following ways-

In arms (lap)- this method is useful for carry only children or light weighted person. for lifting the sufferer in the arms, you should fix one your arm under both his/her knees and other one on his/her back

Human crutch- This method is used in case of injuries in the upper parts of the sufferer’s body. After making him/her standing, you should also stand beside his/her affected side. Keep his/her arm on your shoulder; hold his/her claws (strongly) tightly.

        Keep your another arm on his/her opposite waist from backside and hold his/her clothe. The sufferer may hold a stick in his/her another hand if need. It will give him/her additional support.    

Carrying on the back- if the sufferer is in conscious and can hold anything, he/she can be carried to the nearest hospital on your back.

        For this purpose, first of all you should make him/her to sit on any high bed, stool, chair, etc. with hanged legs and then you should stand by turning your back towards him/her; bend your legs little from knees and then ask him/her to try climbing on your back and bring both his/her hands to your chest passing on your shoulders and hold them together; bring both his/her legs in front of you passing through your hips. Now, you should need to hold both his/her knees from back side.

Fireman lift- normally, the firemen bring the sufferer out from the spot by carrying him/her on their shoulders. At the time of need, you can also carry the sufferer on your shoulders to the hospital like this.

        This method should be used only when the sufferer’s weight is not more than you.

        Make the sufferer to stand erect and then hold his/her right wrist by your left hand and bend yourself little under his/her spread right arm so that your right shoulder would fit on the upper section of his/her stomach. Now, place your right arm in between his/her legs or around it.

        Then, you should stand up with controlling the weight of his/her body on your right shoulder and adjust his/her whole body on both your shoulders. After that, remove out your left hand from his/her right wrist and hold it with your right hand resulting your left will become free.      

When two or more people are available- in this condition, the sufferer or injured person can be carried to another place very easily. for this purpose, following ways can be adopted-

Seat made with four hands- this method is used when the sufferer may use one or both his/her arms. He/she may co-operate through them to the people while lifting.

        In it, two people should need to stand just at the back of the sufferer by facing each other and then should hold the left wrists with right hands and right wrists with left hand of each other. in this way, a seat like structure is made from four hands.

        Now, the sufferer should need to put one of his/her arms around the neck of one person and put another one around the neck of other person and sit on this seat (made from hands). Both his/her hands are kept on the shoulders of the people. as a result of it, the sufferer does not slip while carrying him/her.

        Now, both the people are stand up together. while walking the person present in the right side of the sufferer steps his/her right leg first and one who is present in the left side of the sufferer steps his/her left leg first.

Seat made with two hands- if a person has gotten hurts or injuries in his/her arms and can not take support from them in standing and sitting, this method is used.

        In it, one person sit on one side of the sufferer and other sit on another side like a cock. Their faces are in front of each other. they bring their 1-1 arm towards the sufferer’s back and hold his/her cloth if possible. In this way, scissors like structure is made with the help of arms.

        After that, both the people lift the sufferer’s back as little up and bring their other arms under his/her thighs and clutch them together.

        Then, both the people are stand up together and start walking together. the person of right side steps his/her right leg first and the person of left side steps his/her left leg first.

Fore and after method- This method is used when the sufferer is lie down at very narrow place and where two or more people can not stand together. in other words, at the place where neither four handed seat nor two handed seat can be used.

        For lifting the sufferer through this method, a person, by turning his back towards his/her face, is stand in between both his/her legs. Another person is stand at the back side of the sufferer with facing toward him/her. Now, the first person entangles both his/her hands under both the sufferer’s knees and lift his/her legs and the person, at the back side, lift the sufferer by putting both his/her arms under the sufferer’s armpits. The person entangles the claws of both his/her hands to each other.

        After lifting the sufferer like this, both the people walk step-by-step together.

Carrying the sufferer as sit on a chair- this method is very easy. In this method, the sufferer is made to sit on a chair having no any hands and two people is stand on the both sides of the chair (left and right sides) with facing to each other. after that, they lift the chair together and walk step-by-step together.

        If four people are available, the sufferer can be lifted with the help of a blanket or bed sheet, etc. and can be carried very easily.