Carica papaya




The use of the medicine is very effective in such kinds of symptoms as abortion of a woman, anorexia, burning sensation in the eyelids, disturbed liver, spleen diseases and any disease of the upper membrane of the uterus.   

Use of the medicine Carica papaya on the basis of different symptoms:

Symptoms of eyes:

The medicine Carica papaya is given to the patient if there is yellowness inside the eyes of the patient. Its use provides relief to him.

Symptoms of digestion power:

The use of the medicine Carica papaya is very beneficial if a patient has been suffering from these symptoms as fever due to any disturbance in liver and spleen, weak digestion power, constant desire for excrement, white filth on the tongue, indigestion of milk and other symptoms.

Symptoms of female:

The use of the medicine Carica papaya regulates menstrual excretion by curing all the menstrual problems. Some women suffer from early menses and some from delayed menses. Sometimes menses do not occur after passing the time of menses. Besides it, its use helps in contracting the uterus.


The application of the medicine Carica papaya should not be applied at the mouth of uterus because the woman can become the victim of abortion.


Mother tincture and 1x, 2x potencies of the medicine Carica papaya


The use of the medicine Carica papaya enhances the digestion power of those persons who face troubles in digesting meat and milk because these things are not easily digestible.