Name in different languages:

English             -                  Careystree

Hindi                 -                  Karhi, Katbhi

Sanskrit            -                  Katbhi, Swadu pushy

Bengali             -                  Tivru

Marathi             -                  Bakumma

Colour: Careystree is green.

Taste: Careystree is spicy.

Structure: The length of its tree is medium. Its leaves are long but some are round. Its fruits are like papaya (lgnatius bean) (Papita).

Nature: Careystree is hot in nature.

Precautions: Over quantity of careystree reduces sperm count.


Its fruit is pungent and brings the phlegm out. It also reduces the sperm count. Take careystree to get rid of spermatorrhoea, piles and sinus. It ends stomach worms and alleviates poisoning too.