Carbo animalis



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The medicine Carbo Animalis is very useful for the treatment of throat tumors, persons who have lack of semen, old persons and to end the weakness caused by long illness. Besides these, this medicine proves very beneficial for weak vitality caused by low blood pressure, hard glands, varicose veins, blue skin, burning sensation in the lungs’ membrane, panting while lifting a little weight and other diseases.   

Use of the medicine Carbo Animalis on the basis of different symptoms

Symptoms of mind:

If a patient suffers from these symptoms as sitting on a lonely place all the time, constant brooding, hesitation while talking others, becoming angry on everything and other mental symptoms, he  should take the medicine Carbo Animalis to get relief.

Symptoms of eyes:

If a patient watches far to the nearest things while walking outside, letters seem running while reading, sensation of relief while rubbing eye and other eye diseases, he should take the medicine Carbo Animalis. Its regular use provides relief.

Symptoms of head:

If the symptoms are as acute headache, illusion due to excessive blood circulation in the head, heaviness in the eyes because of which patient feels trouble while watching upwardly, becoming blue of the cheeks and lips, bleeding from nose after vertigo, swelling in the nose, hearing unclear voice and other symptoms of head diseases, the use of the Carbo Animalis provides relief.

Symptoms of stomach:

If the symptoms of stomach diseases are as tiring while eating but the patient keeps on feeling apetite, burning sensation and convolution in the stomach, weak digestion power, flatulence,  sour water from the mouth and other symptoms of the stomach diseases, the patient should  take the medicine  Carbo Animalis. Its regular use cures the patient within some days.

Symptoms of females:

If the symptoms are as sensation of vomiting by the pregnant woman and this problem becomes serious at night, early menses, too much excretion with foul smell, burning sensation in the vagina, pain in the breast like pricking pain, hardening of the left nipples, pain with burning sensation in the below side thigh and other female diseases symptoms, the use of the medicine Carbo Animalis is very useful.

Symptoms of breathing:

The medicine Carbo Animalis provides a lot of relief to the patient if he suffers from these symptoms as swelling in the lungs, sensation of typhoid fever, wounds in the lungs, green pus with phlegm while coughing and other symptoms.

Symptoms of teeth:

The use of the medicine Carbo Animalis is very useful for the treatment of many teeth problems as pain in the tooth, burning sensation in the tooth while eating sour foodstuffs and toothache in cold air.

Symptoms of skin:

If the symptoms are as appearance of bronze colored small poxes on  the skin, cracked heels, blueness on the external organs of the body, hardness and swelling of the glands, severe pain in the armpit, sternum joint (urusandhi) and breast and other skin diseases, the use of the medicine Carbo Animalis is very beneficial.

Symptoms of outer body organs:

The use of the medicine Carbo Animalis provides relief to the patient if he has been suffering from such types of symptoms as sensation of weakness while lifting weight, excessive sweating at night with foul smell, pain in the wrist and the knees of the patient fold themselves.


The medicine Carbo Animalis can be compared with the medicines as Calcarea Phosphorica, Badiaga, Bromium, Carbo Vegetabilis, Phosphorus, Sepia and Sulphur.


The disease aggravates after shaving and midnight, by touching.


The disease alleviates by heat or eating.


3 to 30 potencies of the medicine Carbo Animalis should be taken.