Canvaleriya magelis



The medicine Canvaleriya Magelis is known by the name of lily of the valley too. It is very useful but costly medicine. If a woman suffers from severe pain only by touching the membrane of uterus and her throbs of the heart become fast, the use of the medicine Canvaleriya Magelis provides a lot of relief to the woman. This medicine proves very useful to reduce the swelling caused by heart diseases.

Use of the medicine Canvaleriya Magelis on the basis of different symptoms:


The medicine Canvaleriya Magelis is very beneficial for those women who suffer from profuse bleeding while menstrual excretion. Mostly such type of bleeding occurs at night and sometimes this occurs on bed too while sleeping.

In this illness menses occur in the midst of two cycles of menses like the disease named Ambagrisya viz menses start after the end of first menstrual excretion and before the onset of next menstrual excretion. But one thing should be observed carefully that in the disease named Ambagrisya, the symptoms of hysteria and the disease of ligament symptoms appear before the disease. 

Ostilego medis:

The use of the medicine ostilego medis is very useful to the woman if she suffers from excessive bleeding while menses. Such bleeding occurs because of weak membrane of uterus or thickening of the blood in the veins. In this disease, the woman feels a little excitement and pain in the ovary with bleeding. If such types of symptoms appear after the end of bleeding, this medicine is very effective.