Cannabis sativa



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The medicine Cannabis Sativa is very effective for urinary bladder and especially for ureter. This medicine is more effective than other medicines for the treatment of gonorrhea.  

Use of the medicine Cannabis Sativa on the basis of symptoms of different diseases:

Symptoms of eyes:

If the symptoms are as cataract due to excessive drinking and smoking, weak eyesight, light pain inside the eyeball, sensation of blind and many other symptoms of eye diseases, the use of the medicine Cannabis Sativa is very useful.

Symptoms of head:

If the symptoms are as acute headache, vertigo, feeling as if water is dropping on the head, sensation of pressure on the joint of nose and other symptoms of head diseases, the patient should take the medicine Cannabis Sativa to get relief.

Symptoms of urine:

If a person suffers from frequent urination, pain while urinating, splitting stream of urine, burning sensation while urination, broadening of the legs while walking, contraction in the testicles, enhancement of the sexual urge and choking of the urethra because of pus, the patient should take the medicine Cannabis Sativa. Its use is very beneficial for the treatment of urinary diseases.

Symptoms of breathing:

The use of the medicine Cannabis Sativa is very beneficial if a person suffers from such symptoms as difficulty in breathing, sensation of heaviness in the chest as if there is heavy weight on the chest, sensation of strange sounds in the chest, cough with bloody phlegm and other symptoms of breathing.

Symptoms of heart:

The medicine is very useful if a patient suffers from these symptoms as sensation of fast jolts and contraction in the heart, swelling in the heart, feeling as if water drops are falling through heart and other symptoms of heart disease.

Symptoms of sleeping:

The medicine Cannabis Sativa provides a lot of relief if a person suffers from nightmare at night while sleeping, exhaustion, sleeping while day, unwillingness to get up in the morning and other symptoms.   

Symptoms of outer organs:

The use of the medicine Cannabis Sativa is very beneficial if a person suffers from such symptoms as contraction in the fingers of hands after sprain, sensation of heaviness in feet while climbing upwards on stairs and the diseases which generate at the bottom of the fingers of feet.


The medicine is very useful if a person suffers from such symptoms as sensation of exhaustion after physical labour or exercise, sensation of weakness after taking supper at night, feeling tiredness soon while walking.

Symptoms of male:

The use of the medicine Cannabis Sativa provides relief to the patient if the patient has such symptoms as excessive excitement in the body, pain with contraction in the testicles while standing, impotency because of excessive sexual intercourse.


The medicine Cannabis Sativa can be compared with the medicines as Apis Mellifica, Cannabis Indica, Cantharis, Copiva, Nux Vomika and Terebinthina.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

Camphora and lemon.


Mother tincture or third potency


The disease aggravates before noon, while urinating, after walking, by lying, by standing, by climbing on the stairs and after having supper.


The disease alleviates to some extant by standing, by reducing the burning sensation of the breath, living in peaceful area and by excretion.


Its potency can be increased till 30 potencies if there are some symptoms of lisp.