The medicine Canchalagua is very bitter in taste. It is very useful for the treatment of fever, malaria, infection and other diseases. This medicine enhances the body power. In hot regions, this medicine is used for the treatment of chronic and long time fever.

Use of the medicine Canchalagua on the basis of different symptoms:

Symptoms of head:

The medicine Canchalagua is very useful if a person feels heaviness in the head, sensation of weight upon the head and burning sensation in the eyes.

Symptoms of fever:

If the symptoms are as sensation of excessive cold in the whole body, exhaustion in the body and the patient desires for vomiting just after having anything, the use of the medicine Canchalagua is very beneficial.

Symptoms of skin:

If the symptoms of the patient are as dry skin of the whole body and sensation of heaviness in the head as if head has been tied by anything, the regular use of the medicine Canchalagua provides a lot of relief.


The mother tincture of the medicine Canchalagua should be given to the patient drop by drop.


The medicine canchalagua should be prepared by the fresh leaves of Canchalagua tree. While preparing medicine it should be mentioned that the tree should not fade otherwise its all medical properties will disappear.