Cancer of breast



         Breast cancer is a fatal disease. A victim of this disease suffers very much in this disease. If this disease is not treated on time, the woman sleeps into the lap of death.

Natural treatment of breast cancer:

  • The woman, who has been suffering from breast cancer, should keep fast for at least one month only by drinking juice of fruits. The woman should cleanse her stomach by using enema with lukewarm.
  • After fast, the woman victim of this disease should take simple and easily digestible food. She should take dry friction bath (Gharshan-Snan) and cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan). She should do exercises in which deep breaths are inhaled and other exercise in the morning on an open area.
  • The woman should take bath by mixing salt in lukewarm water once in a day. She should take bath with hot and cold water by turns regularly. 
  • All the treatments should be stopped during menstrual excretions.
  • The woman should clean her breast by drenching a piece of cotton in lukewarm water. The woman gets rid of this disease soon by doing so. 
  • The woman should apply cold and hot application on the breast one by one and she should take cold sitz bath. The woman gets lots of relief by doing so.