Cancer means that shapeless tumor occurs in the body without any reason, which can’t stop. If any tumor increases very fast after occurring in the body and occurs again on the other parts of body after treatment, it is called cancer. The body problems increase in it. Tumor increases continual in it. In the beginning, the patient does not feel this tumor and any type of pain in it. When the patient feels this disease, he has been reached in such condition in which his life is so difficulty. The patient fears from the name of cancer. If the patient disease is identified about cancer in the beginning, his life can be secured. The person who takes green vegetables and fresh fruits in meals can safe from prostate gland cancer in the chest. Vitamin-A, B, C and carotene control to cancer. If the patient does not take vitamin-A as natural, cancer and tuberculosis may be in the lungs. Many types of chemical elements are found in the milk of closed pack, which are very harmful for the health. Fresh juice is very useful. 

symptoms of cancer 

  • Any wound, which fills soon, especially in the mouth. The wound which is not cured within 6 weeks and it increases day-by day.
  • Continual bleeding from the vagina after stopping menstrual execration, sometimes bleeding while evacuation and without piles.  
  • To increase the flesh of any part of the body or ulcer, tumor and obesity (fatness) of women especially. 
  • Continual cough and hoarseness and heaviness of the voice.
  • Constipation, loose motions and different in natural activity of the intestines.
  • Changing color of mole, moles and colloid tumors and pain.
  • To increase weight without any reason, weakness and anorexia.
  • Tumor occurs in the breast or any part of the body.
  • Bleeding from the nipples.
  • Tumor, pain, itching, inflammation and any type of blisters occur on the vagina.
  • To reduce weight and anorexia.
  • Bleeding from the vagina after sexual intercourse.
  • If the bleeding starts again after stopping menstrual exertion in 50 years, it is symptom of cancer too.

Meal: The person who suffers from cancer should take lemon water fruits juice, green and raw vegetables, tomato, water-melon, bitter guard, carrot, honey, banana, grape, spinach, cabbage, currants, dried-fruit and almond. It reduces fear of cancer.


  • Salty and fatty food stuff should not be used.
  • Don’t take milk, pig meat and salt.
  • The parson who suffers from cancer should not take egg, fish, cheese, tea, such type of food stuff which is prepared by dalda and ghee, wine and tobacco. 

Precaution: Keep attention that betel-nut should not be chewed regularly because it may be cause of cancer. 

Treatment by different medicines : 

1. Red lead-wort: Take half to 2 grams red lead-wort twice a day, it fairs complexion and increases strong ness of the body. 

2. Basil: Mix 40 ground basil leaves with curd and give it to the patient twice a day after half hour of taking breakfast. It is useful to cure cancer. Oil and red chilly should not be taken but milk and curd can be taken in excessive quantity. This medicine can be taken by healthy person. It is useful in all types of disease.

3. Cauliflower: Take 1/3 cup juice of cauliflower empty stomach in the morning regularly, it provides relief in cancer, sprue, wound and colitis.

4. Brassica-campestrice: Take about half cup juice of brassica-campestrice regularly; it is useful to cure beginning of cancer and blowing of big intestines. 

5. Small fennel:

  • Mix half spoon oil of small fennel with one glass grapes juice and take it empty stomach in the morning, at noon after meals and at night before going to bed. It is useful to cure intestines cancer, blood cancer, throat cancer, etc. all types of cancer. Mix one kilogram barley-flour with 2 kilograms wheat-flour and prepare chapatti or daliya from it. Take daliya or chapatti for 40 days regularly, it is useful. Potato, arabi and brinjal should not be used. 
  • Seed of small fennel contains certain which turns in vitamin with the help of liver. It helps to control cancer. The patient who suffers from cancer should take pudding with seeds of small fennel.  

6. Sappan wood: Make a decoction by boiling sappan wood and wild violet with water. Wash the mansaburd with this decoction, it reduces offensive smell.  

7. Mashroom: According to modern doctors, take it, it safes from cancer because it contains such elements which cure to cancer.

8. Turnip: Turnip juice is useful to increase body power and cure cancer.

9. Cinnamon:

  • Cinnamon is excessive used in cancer. 3 drops cinnamon oil should be taken and cinnamon should be chewed regularly. If the wound presents external and possible to apply oil, cinnamon oil should be applied. It ends germs and cures wound.
  • The person who suffers from cancer should take 350 ml cinnamon decoction regularly.
  • Mix one spoon cinnamon with 2 spoons honey and give it to the patient to lick thrice a day regularly. It is useful to cure all types of cancer.

10. Turmeric:

  • Turmeric is a good blood filter. It proves before more times. Take turmeric powder with mahamanjishthadi decoction twice a day, it provides relief in cancer. This medicine should be used with patience regularly.   
  • Take about 2-4 grams fine powder of turmeric twice a day, it cures cancer tumors slowly.

11. Han bane seed: Wash wound with decoction of hen bane seed; it provides relief in pain caused by wound.

12. Bahami: 1-2 spoons or 5-10 ml its juice should be taken twice a day regularly because it has capacity to dissolve tumor and cure cancer. Keep attention that it should not be taken in excessive quantity other it may be the cause of giddiness and weakness. 2-5 grams powder of decoction of panchang (stem, fruit, flowers, root and leaves) of bahami can be taken instead of juice of its leaves.   

13. Mudar: Take half gram ground bark of mudar root twice a day, it provides relief in cancer.

14. Panchang: Take 10-20 ml juice twice a day or 20-40 ml decoction of panchang 3-4 times in a day regularly, it provides relief in cancer. If turmeric is used with it, it provides very relief in cancer.

15. Pineapple: Take one glass pineapple juice twice a day regularly, it makes healthy to all internal parts of the body and cures all the diseases of the body.

16. Ashambhedi:

  • Take 8-12 grams its powder twice a day, it provides relief in cancer.
  • Make the fine powder by grinding its fruit and store it. One to two grams this powder should be taken with mixed milk of sugar candy thrice a day. Grind this powder with milk or water and apply it on the cancer as well as heat leaf of milk hedge and tie on the affected part. It provides very relief in cancer.

17. Alum: Alum is a good blood filter. Take half gram alum ash with sugar candy or mixed syrup of sugar candy twice a day in the beginning of cancer, it provides relief in cancer. 

18. Tamra vermillion: Take half grams vermillion with honey, betel leaf or juice of basil leaves twice a day, it is useful to cure stomach cancer, saphot and vatta kapha cancer.

19. Sadabhar: Give 4-8 ml decoction of panchang (stem root, leaves, fruit and flower) of its flower to the patient regularly, it provides relief in cancer.

20. Jaggery: Mix 2 spoons jaggery juice with one cup water and take it thrice a day. Use this process for 3 months regularly, it provides relief in cancer.

21. Caraway: Fill 300 ml water in a soil pot and soak 12 grams caraway, 12 grams thick aniseed and 2 almond kernels in it at overnight. In the morning, filter this mixture and grind it on stone piece. Filtered water should be used with it for grinding. Grind this paste with 21 washed basil leaves and filter it. Dissolve sugar candy (according to taste) with water and mix this paste in it. Filter this mixture with the help of cloth and give it to the patient to drink. This process should be used before sunrise otherwise it not provides beneficial. This process should be used for 21 days regularly. This disease should be taken until it provides relief. It provides relief in cancer.

22. Carrot:

  • Mix 2 spoons honey with one glass water and take it regularly. It provides relief in cancer.  
  • Mix carrot juice with milk and give it to the patient to drink. It provides relief in lessness of blood iota, headache, fever and cancer. 
  • Mix 125 ml spinach juice with 310 ml carrot juice and take it thrice a day. It is useful to cure all types of cancer. Carrot juice can be taken with milk too.
  • Give juice of black carrot to the patient, it provides relief in blood and stomach cancer.
  • Carrot juice should be taken in the condition of cancer. Carrot is very useful to cure stomach cancer.  
  • Cancer is cured by taking carrot juice. It is very useful in the condition of leukemia and stomach cancer.

23. Pomegranate: Take pomegranate seed and tamarind regularly, it provides relief in cancer and patient age increases for 10 years.

24. Grape: Grape should be taken regularly in the condition of cancer. 2 kilograms grapes should be taken in a day. After some days, whey also can be taken and other food stuff should not be taken. It provides relief slowly. Sometimes, if occurs stomachache and inflammation in the anus due to eat grape, don’t worry. The pain is cured within few days. It can foment after pain. Use this process, it provides relief in cancer.

25. Curd: Take curd regularly consequently, the fear of cancer may be ended.

26. Wheat:

  • Cancer is cured buy taking juice of new plant of wheat twice a day regularly.
  • Wash half cup wheat and soak it in 2 cups fresh water for 12 hours. Drink this water twice a day; it reduces within 8-10 days. Use this process for 2-3 months regularly; it is useful to cure cancer.
  • Cancer is also a condition of the body which is told that body suffers from any disorder. The nature always tries to control the body. Some people suffer from cancer and some people suffer from other diseases because every person has different life. A woman suffers from breast cancer and she had very upset due to all treatment, juice of all fruits is used by him because of that cures cancer within few months. Thus, give anima to the patient who suffers from leukemia (stomach cancer), it clears the stomach thereafter, juice of wheat plant is reached in the intestines because of that patient becomes fit.    

27. Garlic: Take garlic juice consequently, cancer is ended. 2 pods of garlic should be chewed with one glass water after meals. Grind garlic with water and take it for few days regularly. It will provide relief in cancer.

28. Mountain abonip: Take the decoction of mountain abonip bark, it provides relief in stomach cancer.

29. Kander tree: Give a decoction of its bark to the patient; it is useful to cure chronic wound and stomach cancer.

30. Sadabhar tree: Cancer of the spleen, liver and coria kair kinama is cured by using it.

31. Copper: Fill water in copper pot at overnight. Drink this water in the morning, it provides relief in cancer.

32. Bread: Increase bread in meals, it safes from stomach cancer. 

33. Precaution: Keep attention that betel-nut should not be chewed regularly because it may be cause of cancer.