Camphora mono-bromata



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The medicine Camphora Mono-Bromata is considered the most beneficial for the treatment of blocked breast because of which milk does not come from nipples of the women. Besides it, this medicine is very useful for the treatment of night fall, pain in the penis during erection and loose motions of children.

Use of the medicine Camphora Mono-Bromata on the basis of different symptoms:

Symptoms of mind:

If the symptoms are as illusion about directions viz the patient becomes unable to decide about the directions, hysteria, laughing and weeping loudly and sitting in a contemplating situation as if he has been hypnotized, the use of the medicine Camphora Mono-Bromata provides a lot of relief.


The trituration of 2nd potencies of Camphora Mono-Bromata is very useful to the patient.