Calotropis Gigantea



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Aakra plant is 120-150 centimeters high. Mostly, it is found in forests. It is used as homeopathy medicine from the name of Calotropis Giagantea.Introduction:

Aakra plant is 120-150 centimeters high. Mostly, it is found in forests. It is used as homeopathy medicine from the name of Calotropis Giagantea.

Bad affects removal: If someone has eaten over quantity of leaves, flowers or any other parts of calotropis and he is feeling bad effect of it, boil leaves of bastard teak (Plash) in water and give its water to him, it alleviates calotropis poisoning. If wound occurs on the body due to fall milk of calotropis, wash the affected part with above water because it provides relief in it too.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Piles: Drip three drops calotropis milk on sugar-cake (Batasa) and take, it provides relief in piles. This process should be used before sunrise.

2. Migraine: If the pain decreases and increases with sunrise, the patient should eat sugar-cake with two drops calotropis milk before sunrise, it will provide relief soon.

3. Corn (Ghatta): Mix equal quantity of calotropis milk and jaggery together then apply it on the corn, it cures corn.

4. Stomachache: Grind bark of calotropis root, sal-ammoniac, ochre and black peppers one spoon each together there after mix half spoon ground camphor in it. After that, take half spoon this mixture with lukewarm water to get relief in stomachache, constipation, diarrhoea, spleen disorders, cold, cough, fever, hepatitis and other diseases of the stomach.

5. Asthma with Kapha (Phlegm):

  • Grind fine four leaves of calotropis and eight spoons black pepper together thereafter prepare tablets (equal of pea) from it. After that, take one tablet with lukewarm water twice a day for ten days regularly, it will provide relief in phlegm fully asthma, cough and hysteria.
  • Grind one leaf of aakra with twenty five black peppers and prepare tablets (in shape of black pepper) from it. Youths should take seven tablets and children should take two tablets to cure asthma.
  • Soak Dhanny (toasted barley) in half cup calotropis milk for fifteen days and grind it after drying. Mix ¼ spoons this mixture with honey and lick it once a day to cure asthma.
  • Put small piece of calotropis leaf in betel leaf and take it for forty days regularly, it cures all the types of asthma and cough.

6. Tuberculosis (T.B): Grind 200 grams ground turmeric with four spoons calotropis milk until turns into dry then fill it in bottle. Mix this mixture (equal of gram) with half spoon honey and lick it 4 times a day regularly, it will cure tuberculosis within three months. It cures bloody tuberculosis too. Incurable patient of T.B will get relief with this medicine.

7. Fever: Put calotropis copple (new leaf) in betel leaf (Pan) and chew it with some aniseed and suck its juice. It is useful to cure all the types of fever, malaria, viral and common fever.

8. Malaria: Wrap two calotropis buds (without open) with some jaggery and take it before fever consequently, malaria does not increase.

9. Geuniaworms: Apply heat sesame oil on the affected part thereafter heat aakra leaf and coat sesame oil on it. Tie this leaf on the affected part as well as wrap little bud of calotropis flower with jaggery and take it. Using this process is useful to cure geuniaworms.

10. Catarrh: If someone has been suffering from catarrh, soak two spoons rice in two spoons calotropis milk and put it in shadow to dry. Grind this mixture after drying and filter it with the help of cloth. Smelling this mixture causes sneezing and cures catarrh. Checked water will be dripped. If the patient suffers from excessive sneezing after smelling this mixture, he should smell some pure hot ghee.

11. Heels Pain: Boil one handful calotropis flowers with two glass water and foment the heels with its steam at night thereafter tie heat flowers upon it. Using this process for one week regularly provides relief in heels pain. This process can be used to cure the others pain of the body too.

12. Stone: Dissolve ten pieces flowers of calotropis with one glass milk and take it in the morning for forty days regularly, it brings stone out.