Calmiya laitfaliya



The medicine Calmiya Laitfaliya proves very beneficial in all diseases of the heart. The patient gets a lot of relief soon by taking the medicine Calmiya Laitfaliya in all the symptoms of heart diseases.

Use of the medicine Calmiya Laitfaliya on the basis of symptoms of different diseases:

Symptoms of face-

If the patient suffers from the neural pain on the left side of the face, the use of the medicine Calmiya Laitfaliya provides a lot of relief to the patient.

Symptoms of eyes:

If the symptoms are as acute pain in the eyes which increases if eyeball is moved, sensation of enlargement of eyeballs and as if they will fall down towards out side, the use of the medicine Calmiya Laitfaliya cures the patient within some days.

Symptoms of heart:

 If the symptoms of the patients are as irregular pulsation of the heart which increases sometimes and sometimes reduces, slow movement of the nerve that changes its movement all of sudden, he should take the medicine Calmiya Laitfaliya to get relief.