Callicarpa Lanata



Name in different languages:

Hindi                 -           Bastra

Marathi             -            Pondi, Karivati, easpar

Bengali             -            Masndri, Masndaar

Latin                 -            Callicarpa lanata


           Callicarpa lanata is cool, smooth and soft. Its use ends the burning sensation and increases the excitement of liver.

           Make a decoction by boiling the root and bark of callicarpa lanata plant. Taking this decoction is beneficial in fever, bile disorders, liver problems and urticaria as well as skin diseases. Mix one part powder of bark or root of callicarpa lanata plant in about 20 parts water and prepare decoction by boiling it. Take it about eight to 12 grams of this decoction provides relief in all above mentioned diseases.

           Boil the decoction of callicarpa lanata or its leaves in milk. Gargling with this decoction or milk provides relief in mouth ulcers and tongue’s blisters.