Caldera Bush




Umbrella trees grow in forests and found in many countries. There are two kinds of umbrella tree as- white and yellow. White kind is called “Kewda” and yellow kind is called “Ketki”. Ketki is very fragrant. Its leaves are soft and thorny. Its flowers blossom in the months of January and February. Its leaves are very fragrant, so snakes are come near by umbrella tree. Leaves of  are used to make umbrella and hats in Karnataka. Oil of umbrella tree is very fragrant. Its pulp is used to make vegetable.

Name in different languages:

Sanskrit             -               Ketki

Hindi                  -               Kewda, Gagandhool

Gujrati               -               Kewdo

Marathi              -               Kewda

Kannada            -               Bilekedge Gundige

Telugu               -                Muglipuvu Ganjgi or Ketki

Tamil                 -               Kendge

Malayalam         -               Keeta or Ketki

Persian             -               Karanj

Arabic               -               Kadi

Latin                 -               Pandanus tectorius

  Umbrella trees (Caldera Bush) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Metrorrhoea:


    Grind root of umbrella tree with water and give it to the suffered woman with sugar, it cures metrorrhagia.
    2.     Epilepsy:


      Grind equal quantity of umbrella tree’s branches and Ketki flowers together and give it to the patient to smell. It is useful to end epilepsy.
      3.     Headache:


        Grind caldera bush and white sandal with water thereafter put this mixture in a pot and cover its mouth with the help of a cloth. Smelling this preparation to the patient is useful to end headache caused by heat.
        4.     Spermatorrhoea:


          Heat 20 ml juice of ketki and give it to the patient with sugar because it cures spermatorrhoea.
          5.     Syphilis disorders:

          Syphilis disorders:

            Mix cumin seed and sugar with juice of umbrella tree’s leaves thereafter give it to the patient for 7 days regularly; it ends disorders caused by syphilis.
            6.     Throat diseases:

            Throat diseases:

              Make bidi from petals of umbrella tree’s flowers and smoke with it, it cures throat diseases.
              7. Fever:


                Give 40 to 60 ml juice of umbrella tree to the patient, it causes excessive sweat because of that fever is cured. It provides energy in the body too.
                8. Waist pain:

                Waist pain:

                  Massaging the waist with oil of umbrella tree regularly gets rid of waist pain.
                  9. Scabies and itching:

                  Scabies and itching:

                    Applying ground leaves of umbrella tree on the affected part provides relief in itching, scabies and other diseases of the skin.