Calcium is needed for the growth of bones and teeth as well as their maintenance, for the normal contraction of muscles, regularizing of heartbeats and for blood clotting. It enhances vital power and toleration; balancing cholesterol level, good for nerves health and painful menses. It is necessary for enzymes activities. For the health of heart nerves, calcium acts with magnesium. It heals wound soon by clotting the blood. It is also very helpful in few particular types of cancers. It ameliorates sadness, irritation, insomnia and allergy.       

          Calcium is needed for pregnant women, men above 60 years, women above 45 years, smokers and the people drinking additional liquor. Infantile rickets is the sigh of deficiency of calcium in the body.

          Vitamin ‘D’ and ‘C’ are needed especially for consumption of calcium. Calcium carbonate is consumed with food properly. Milk and milk products, pulses, soyabean, green leafy vegetables, fruits of lemon group, sardine, peas, groundnut, water nut, sunflower seeds, etc. are the main sources of this mineral.

          If diet has not enough calcium, for various physical activities, the required calcium is taken from the bones of that person.