Calcarea acetica



Introduction: -

Calcarea Acetica is an effective drug for curing burning sensation of the mucous membranes.

Use of Calcarea Acetica in various symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

If the patient has symptoms as- dizziness just after going in open air, migraine with the feeling of coldness in the head, bitter taste and loss of sense power at the time of reading a book or newspaper.   

Symptoms associated with Female: -

Calcarea Acetica is very useful remedy in secretion as pieces (clot) with pain during menstruations

Breathe-related symptoms: -

If the patient suffers from strange voice while exhaling, secretion of big pieces of sputum with cough, difficult breathing and feeling of solace to bow the scapula backwards, etc., Calcarea Acetica is very beneficial drug in such symptoms. 

Comparison: - 

This medicine can be compared with Bromium, Borax, Calca and Oxlet.

Dose: -

The trituration of 3x potency of Calcarea Acetica should be used according to different symptoms.