Calcaneal Fracture



        The patient of this disease named calcaneal fracture suffers from pain in the soles of the feet and knees when he walks on flour or any other place. This pain disappears after walking some distance. Mostly, the people of heavy weight become the victim of this disease.  

Cause of calcaneal fracture:

        This disease occurs when calcium gathers near about the whalebone. The patient suffers from pain because of the accumulation of calcium in the body. When the patient walks for some distance, accumulated calcium splits and the pain disappears.

Treatment of calcaneal fracture according to naturopathy:

  • If the weight of the patient is heavy, he should try to reduce weight.
  • Mix Epsom salt in water and take feet bath after getting up in the morning. The patient of this disease gets well soon by this treatment. 
  • The patient of this disease should wear soft shoes and footwear.