Cajuputum-oleum wittnebianum




As clove oil is very useful for the body, similarly Kajuputm - oleum Vittonebienm drug is also useful for the body. This remedy proves useful for curing flatulence and tongue troubles.   

Use of Kajuputm-oleum Vittonebienm drug based on various symptoms: - 

Symptoms related with the Head: -

Kajuputm-oleum Vittonebienm is very beneficial drug in sudden feeling of head enlargement and difficulty in controlling this symptom.  

Symptoms associated with the stomach: -

This is very useful remedy in stomach symptoms as- hiccups start even after little stimulation inside the stomach.    

Symptoms related with the mouth: -

This is a useful drug in the feeling of stricture in the throat vessel after swallowing a hard thing, feeling of suffocation in the pharynx and bloated tongue as if it has covered all the surroundings of the mouth.  

Symptoms related with the abdomen: -

This is a useful drug in stomachache caused by flatulence, ligament surfeited in the intestines, fast odor in the urine, aggravated condition of and others.   

Comparison: -

Kajuputm-oleum Vittonebienm can be compared with Bovista, Nux-moschata, Asafi, Ignatia, Baptisia, etc.

Dose: -

1x to 3x potency of Kajuputm-oleum Vittonebienm is beneficial for recovering the symptoms.