Cahinka proves very useful drug in all types of dropsy (any part of the body filled with water).  

Useful in various symptoms:

Urine-related Symptoms: -

Cahinka is very beneficial drug in frequent urination or urgent desire for urination while journey, red urine, burning sensation in the urinary organs and other symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with Male:

Cahinka is a very useful drug for curing symptoms as- feeling of strain in the testis and sperm ducts and aggravation of pain with a pungent smell while urinating.   

Symptoms related with the back:

This remedy is useful in the cases of rapid pain in the kidney region which becomes less by sitting backwards bending and feeling like fatigue in the body.


Cahinka drug can be compared with Aposynum, Arse and Coffea.


Cahinka is used in 3x or less than it.