(Bandh Gobhee*, Patta Gobhee*) 

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Cabbage is sweet, excitable in nature and digestible and generates vatta. It increases the breast milk and sperm count. It ends bile disorders and brings phlegm out.Introduction:

Mostly, cabbage is used as vegetables. It is excessively is used in the winter season. It contains nutrition which is useful to cure many types of diseases.  

There are three kinds of cabbage.

1.     Cauliflower (Phoulgobhi)

2.     Brassica- campestrice (Pattagobhi)

3.     Knolkhol (Ganthgobhi)

Another kind of cabbage is found in China which is called Chinese cabbage.

Hard pinde of cabbage is the best than soft. Cabbage is used to prepare juicy and dried vegetables after boiling. Its cooked vegetable (Bhagi) is the best.

Cabbage is sweet, excitable in nature and digestible and generates vatta. It increases the breast milk and sperm count. It ends bile disorders and brings phlegm out.

Juice of cauliflower and brassica-campestrice is sweet and bitter taste, cool in nature, excitable, digestible and generates vatta. It increases sexual power and brings phlegm Cabbage is sweet, excitable in nature and digestible and generates vatta. It increases the breast milk and sperm count. It ends bile disorders and brings phlegm out.out. It cures leucorrhoea, anuria-dysuria, leprosy, cough, breathing problems (Asthma), bile disorders, blood diseases, wound, liver enlargement and fever caused by bile. Cauliflower is the best than brassica-campestrice. It makes the uterus strong.

Knolkhol juice is sweet in taste, hot in nature and increases appetite. It generates vatta and brings phlegm out. It ends bile disorders, leucorrhoea, breathing problems and cough.

Cabbage seed is purgative and excitable. It increases digestive power and kills stomach worms. Grind raw cabbage and take it, it increases excessive vitamin-C in the body. Cooked vegetable of cabbage is useful for the patient of raktpit (disturbance in blood caused by bile). 

 According to Scientists: Cauliflower, brassica-campestrice and knolkhol contain protein, carbohydrate, calcium, fasforas, iron elements, vitamin-A, B, C, iodine and potassium. These also contain little quantity of copper. Cauliflower contains more nutritive substance than brassica-campestrice and Knolkhol.

Specialty: Using cabbage in the winter season is useful. The worms originate in the cabbage in beginning of summer session, so it should be used carefully in the summers session. Cabbage should be seen carefully before using.

Brassica-campestrice: Cabbage has ability to generate vatta. Fry it with oil and mix garam masala in this vegetable thereafter take it as vegetable. Taking excessive quantity of cooked vegetable of cauliflower and brassica-campestrice generates kidney diseases because of that patient suffers from strangury and urine does not come in Cabbage is sweet, excitable in nature and digestible and generates vatta. It increases the breast milk and sperm count. It ends bile disorders and brings phlegm but he has to go many times during night for urinating.

Nature: Cabbage is cool and wetness.

Color: Cabbage is white and yellow.

Taste: It is light sweet.

Structure: Cabbage is a type of vegetable which is cultivated in fields. Its leaves are long and flowers are heavy too. Its flowers are used to prepare vegetables too.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of cabbage may be occur constipation.

Removing bad effect: Garam-masala removes the bad effects of cabbage.

Compare: Cabbage can be compared with karam kala.

Quality: Cabbage increases the body strength and brings phlegm out. It is useful to cure blood diseases, leucorrhoea, gonorrhoea, cough, ulcer and pimples, and ends bile disorders. Gargling with juice of cabbage leaves stops bleeding of the gums. A decoction of cabbage leaves is useful to cure rheumatism.

Useful in different disease:

1. Blood vomiting: Taking cooked vegetable of cauliflower cabbage or taking only raw cauliflower cabbage is useful to prevent bloody vomiting. The patient who suffers from consumption should not take cabbage.

2. Bloody piles: Taking cauliflower cabbage is useful to get relief in flatulence or blood disorders caused by bile.

3. Anuria-dysuria: Taking cooked vegetable of cauliflower cabbage is beneficial to get relief in anuria-dysuria.

4. Colitis, cancer and intestines wound: Taking half cup of cabbage juice on empty stomach in the morning is useful to cure colitis, cancer and intestines wound.

5. Constipation: Drinking cabbage juice at bed time eliminates constipation.

6. Blood purifies: Several types of diseases are generated due to any defects of blood or its disorders like- itching, white flecks, nails disorders, hair problems and skin diseases etc. Cabbage has ability to purify blood and removes its defects because it contains sulphur, chlorine mixture, mucus and memrin etc elements. These all alkalis purify the blood and body. 

7. Bones pain: Mix cabbage juice with equal quantity of carrot juice and give it to the patient for drinking. Using this process provides relief from bones pain. Spray cabbage juice in the anus, gas does not occur. Indigestion, eyes weakness, jaundice, joints pain and bones pain are cured by drinking cabbage juice.

8. Fever: Cook cabbage root with rice and take it twice a day, it provides relief in fever.

9. Piles: Mix black peepers and sugar candy with juice of savage cabbage and take, it stops bleeding of piles moles.

10. Stomachache: Boil cabbage panchang (root, axis, leaves, fruit and flower) with rice water (wash the rice with water) and take it twice a day, it ends stomachache.

11. Jaundice: Mix equal quantity of cabbage juice and carrot juice together and drink 1 glass of this mixture thrice a day, it provides relief jaundice.

12. Throat swelling: Take cabbage juice with 2 spoon water, it provides relief in throat swelling.