Butyric acid




          Butyric acid is used for curing many types of diseases, but this medicine is used mainly for curing head and stomach related diseases.

Useful in different symptoms:

Mind related symptoms: The patient always worries and feels nervousness and fear. He wants to commit suicide and suffers from slight headache. The patient gets upset even by small matters caused by headache. Giving Butyric acid to the suffered patient provides quick relief in the above symptoms.  

Stomach related symptoms: Butyric acid should be used in the cases of anorexia, loose motions, pain with loose motions, filled air in the stomach and intestines, stomach cramping which aggravates at the night, stomach heaviness, cramp in the stomach below the navel and feeling of tightness during motions. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Back related symptoms: Butyric acid is used in the cases of feeling tiredness with slight pain in the part below the back and this pain aggravates by walking and pain in back side of upper part of legs and ankles. It gets rid of pain quickly.

Sleeping related symptoms: The patient who suffers from insomnia and does not sleep properly caused by nightmare while sleeping should take Butyric acid. It cures above symptoms.

Skin related symptoms: Butyric acid is the best remedy for checking problems of offensive sweating from the feet, brownness of the hands nail and sweating after doing any work.  


These symptoms aggravate by walking fast, by moving the body and at night.


3 potency of Butyric acid can be used to cure disease