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[ B ] Related Medicines:

Basil (Tulsi*)

Banana (Kela*)

Black Pepper

Beel (Beal*)

Banyan Tree

Borax (Suhaga*)

Betel Nut (Supari*)

Bastard Teak

Boneset (Ayapan*)

Box Myrtle

Betel Leaf (Paan*)


Blue Vitriol

Bullocks Heart

Blood Flower

Bauhinia Purpurea


Black Bol*

Black Indian Mustard


Barleria Ciliata

Barleria Strigosa

Biran Gaander*

Black Wood


Bank Thistle


Balsam Tree


Ban Chatki*

Ban Kela*

Beleric Myrobalan

Big Cardamom

Banda Potato

Bristly Luffa

Bangalore Brinjal


Banjh Khakhsa*

Ban Poppy

Bamboo Manna

Barleria Prionitis

Birth Wort

Blumea odoreta

Bassia Latifolia 


Bar Bel*






Babreng Basal




Bhadra Purging Nut

Bhahi Johra*

Banjh Kakoda*

Big Wild

Bhramar Balli*

Brown Stone Flower



Bihari Lemon

Bijour Mariyam*



Boodar Leather


Buti Sekhfarid*

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The butter is made after churning curd. It is very soft to touch. Butter is like nectar for all type people. Butter is much digestive than ghee. Fresh butter is very delicious.Introduction:

The butter is made after churning curd. It is very soft to touch. Butter is like nectar for all type people. Butter is much digestive than ghee. Fresh butter is very delicious. It generates new cells in the body. The people, who take it regularly has not to need spectacle.

Taste: It is sweet.

Temper: It has light yellow and white color.

Nature: Butter is light, cool natured, and nutritive and increases brain power. It has a little parts of whey so it is also pungent and bitter.

Qualities: Butter increases sperm count and ends bile disorder and stomach gas. It increases appetite, digestive process and blood quantity. It cures piles and cough. Fresh butter is sweet and delicious and makes stool tight. Cow’s butter is much useful than all butters, and increases sexual power too. It improves skin color and increases body power. Butter stops motion and increases gas. It ends blood and bile disorders. Goat’s butter is sweet, pungent, light and useful for the eyes. It increases appetite and body power. It is useful for the treatment of tuberculosis, cough, eyes diseases, fever, jaundice and white leprosy. It normalizes diabetes and ends colic pain, pain.

Precautions: Only fresh butter has quality providing power to the body. Stale butter of many days is salty, pungent and bitter. It checks vomiting and cures piles and leprosy. It ends phlegm, heaviness and fat. So, stale butter should not be taken.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Tuberculosis: Eating butter is useful for T.B. patient.

2. Hands and Feet Burning Sensation: Mix equal quantity of butter and sugar-candy together. After that, take two spoons of this mixture twice a day; it provides relief in this disease.

3. Fever: Take cow’s butter with sugar; it cures chronic fever. Eating butter with honey and gold-verk is useful to get relief in tuberculosis. It also enhances body power.

4. Piles:

  • Eating cow’s butter and sesame is useful to get relief in piles.
  • Mix butter, honey and loaf-sugar together and take, it cures bloody piles.
  • Mix butter, cobra’s saffron and loaf-sugar together and give to the patient. It provides relief in bloody piles.
  • Extract butter from curd to make whey and after that mix a little rock salt and cumin seed in it and take, it cures piles.

5. Eyes Burning Sensation:

  • Apply cow’s butter in the eyes; it ends eyes burning sensation.
  • If anyone has been suffering from felling khurasani milk or unmarking nut into the eyes, apply collyrium of cow’s butter in the eyes, it ends this problems.

6. Conjunctivitis: Take about 1/4 gram svarn vasant malti with butter and sugar-candy twice a day; it cures conjunctivitis, eyes dirty, weak eyesight and other eye diseases.

7. Hair diseases: Mix butter and turmeric together and massage with it on the head, it provides relief. 

8. Dentition: Rub butter on children gums; it makes dentition easily.

9. Night Blindness: Take about ¼ gram zinc (yasd jasta), ash and butter with cream or honey twice a day and apply butter in the eyes cures night blindness caused by bile (Pitta).

10. Mouth Blisters: Grind flowers of chirmi and make the fine powder. Mix this powder with ghee or butter and apply on the blisters. Applying it regularly 2-3 times in a day cures mouth blisters early.

11. Stammering:

  • Mix butter and powder of black pepper together and take in the morning everyday, it checks stammering.
  • Eating butter mixed with sugar 3-4 times in a day is useful to check stammering.

12. Bloody Diarrhea: Mix cow’s butter with honey and take this preparation, it checks bloody diarrhea.

13. Amoebic Dysentery: Suck butter and after that drink whey, it provides relief in amoebic dysentery.

14. Paralysis: Taking butter and Bhalle of horse-bean regularly for seven days is useful to cure mouth paralysis.

15. Sleeplessness: Eat about 1/4 gram butter or cream with ten grams small chandad (Sarpgandha) at bed time, it cures this disease.

16. Cracked Nipples: 108 times wash butter and put Murdasang and vermillion in it. After that, grind it and filter it. Again, 21 times wash this mixture and apply on the nipples, it cures cracked nipples.

17. Breasts Diseases: Fill water in copper plate and 101 times wash butter of cow with this water. After that, mix vermillion in it and applying it on upper parts of breasts provides relief in breasts disease

18. Brain Worms:

  • Put 5-10 drops oil of staff tree (Malkangni) in butter or cream. Taking it ends brain weakness.
  • Mix butter and sugar-candy each 20 grams then grind with five grams black peppers without grinding and take this preparation in the morning everyday, it makes memory strong.

19. Cracked Lips: Mix butter and salt together, applying it recovers cracked lips.

20. Erysipelas: Mix about ten grams sulphur, ten grams alum and six grams camphor juice with cow’s butter and apply this preparation, it cures erysipelas quickly.