Bullock’s heart



Name in different languages:

English          -                  Bullock’s heart

Hindi              -                  Ramphal, Lavli Nauna  

Sanskrit         -                  Ramphalama, Agrima, Lavni

Marathi          -                  Ramphal

Gujrati           -                  Ramphal

Kannada      -                  Ramphal

Malayalam   -                  Manila nilam

Telugu           -                  Ramphalam

Santhal         -                  Gom

Tamil             -                  Ramchita

Latin             -                  Aannona ratikulata


         Bullock’s heart is sweet, sour and pungent. It ends blood disorders. It use reduces pitta but enhances kaffa and vatta. It contracts and arise thirst. Its juice is heavy and destroyer of worms. Its juice is very useful in diarrhea and dysenteric disease. By eating its fruit stomach worms are destroyed. A person remains far from epilepsy fits if he smells the root of bullock’s heart. Its peel is a good contractive substance.