Name in different languages:

Hindi                      :        Jivantri, Jivanti

Sanskrit                 :        Swarn Jivanti, Jivan rakshak

Marathi                  :        Joee bansi

Bengali                  :        Jivanti Jivai

Latin                      :        Dendrobium macraei


  1. Bugbane is small, cool in nature, sweet and chemical. It increases eyesight and body strength.
  2. Taking decoction of bugbane panchang (stem, root, leaves, fruit and flower) is useful to increase sperm count.
  3. The person who suffers from vatta, pitta and kapha should take bugbane decoction with fragrant liquid because it normalizes the tridosa (vatta, pitta and kapha).
  4. Taking cooked vegetable of bugbane with ghee is useful to cure night blindness. Coating bugbane paste on the affected part is useful to alleviate the poisoning of snack.