Bufo rona




            Specially, Bufo acts on the skin and nervous system. After taking this medicine few symptoms related to the uterus occurs too. Taking Bufo cures some symptoms of paralysis.

Bufo excites low lust of human and increases desire for taking intoxicating materials. Taking this medicine increases impotence

Bufo is used for enhancing intellectual power of the child. This medicine is also useful in epilepsy, old age, fits of senselessness while sleeping at night, sexual diseases and intensive pain in the hands, feet and fingers caused by hurt.

Useful in different symptoms: 

Mind related symptoms: Sometimes, the patient feels sorrow, restlessness and worries about his health. The patient suffers from nervousness, weakness, demoralized, roaring loudly and lack of intellectual growth. He becomes habitual of teeth grinding and likes to live alone.  Giving Bufo to the suffered patient provides quick relief in above symptoms and enhances intellectual power.

Head related symptoms: Bufo is the excellent remedy for curing problems of mind numbness, the excessive sweating from face, headache, nose bleeding, face redness caused by much anger and headache in which the patient gets relief after nose bleeding. The patient also feels hot steam is coming out from his head and going to over the scull.

Face related symptoms: Bufo is used for curing facial swelling, profuse sweating of the face and paralysis or numbness of the mouth and eyes. 

Eyes related symptoms: Bufo also can be used for curing photophobia (inability to watch in light) and small pimples in the eyes. In this symptom, eyeballs turn upwards and the left eye is closed. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Tongue related symptoms: Bufo should be used in the cases of brandishing of the tongue before the paralysis and stammering or stumbling, by that crop of, the patient feels anger and lack of understanding power. It provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Ears related symptoms: The patient does not want to hear songs, etc. due to inability of bearing loud sound. He suffers from otorrhoea and bleeding from the ear after maturing portion outside the ear. Take Bufo, it cures above symptoms quickly.

Heart related symptoms: The patient feels heart enlargement, fast pulsations of the heart, contraction near the heart and feels as if heart is swimming in the water. Giving Bufo to such patients cures above symptoms.   

Epilepsy related symptoms: If the patient shouts loudly with anger, it should be considered that patient is about to suffer from fits of epilepsy. The patient also can suffer from epilepsy fits due to deficiency of excitement in the genital and rustling sound of it. The patient suffers from excessive sleep after epilepsy. Patient also can suffer from epilepsy fits due to sound or light. Giving Bufo to the patient provides quick relief from fits of epilepsy.

Some symptoms of epilepsy: Feet coldness, fast pulsations of the heart, strain in one side of the head or left and right side of the head and strain backwards during fits. Giving Bufo to the suffered patient cures above symptoms.

Symptoms related to women diseases: Bufo should be used for curing problems of menstrual secretion before the time, menorrhagia (excessive menses), bleeding, clots during second session, water with leucorrhoea, epilepsy fits with excitement and epilepsy fits during menstrual secretion.

Bufo is the best remedy for curing problems of breasts hardness, breasts cancer, uterus ulcer, swelling of the veins, burning sensation of the ovary glands, burning sensation of the uterus, blood coming with breasts milk, feet swelling after delivery caused by congestion, ulcer of the uterus membrane and ache with bleeding from wound having offensive smell. This pain moves towards feet.

Symptoms of men diseases: Bufo is used for curing symptoms of men diseases like- night fall, impotence, early ejaculation, hand-practice, epilepsy fits during sexual relations and diseases caused by warmth. 

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: Bufo should be taken in the cases of thighs pain, staggering, bones swelling, joints pain like pricking pin, numbness and cramping pain of the body parts. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Skin related symptoms: The patient suffers from nail ulcer with intensive pain. This pain starts from the nail wound and multiplies to the upper parts of the hands. Taking Bufo cures wound and gets rid of pain. The patient suffers from skin numbness, skin pimples, skin wound caused by little injury, itching, blisters of the soles and palms, burning sensation and skin pimples which leave marks on the skin. These pimples have pus that causes itching. Giving Bufo to the suffered patient provides quick relief from above symptoms. This medicine is also used for curing chronic wound


Bufo can be compared with drugs like- Baryta-carbonica, Asterious, Salmendra, etc. These medicines have qualities to create symptoms of brain politeness. These also cure epilepsy fits.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

Lachesis and Senega are used for removing the bad effects of Bufo.

Complimentary medicines: 

Bufo and Salmendra are compliment to each other.


These symptoms aggravate after awaking and in a hot room and hot places.


The patient gets relief by bathing, walking in open air and immersing the feet in the hot water.


6 to 200 potency of Bufo can be used to cure diseases.