Brown Stone Flower



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[ B ] Related Medicines:

Name: Bhuri chharila is also known by the names as Shilapushp, Sheley, Shiloakshav and Shiloth.

Colour: It is brown.

Taste: It is pungent.

Structure: It is a hilly grass.

Nature: It is cool.

Dosage: It is used in 6 grams’ quantity.

Quality: Bhuri chharila is pungent, cool, light and fragrant. It is useful for the heart and increases appetite. It eliminates vatta and pitta. It quenches the thirst and reduces body warmth. It is very useful in vomiting, asthma and wounds as well as itching. A person gets rid of white flecks, itching, blood piles and fever as well as blood disorders by its use. It checks vatta disorders and alleviates the poisoning.