Brief history of nature therapy


        Nature treatment science or nature therapy is as much ancient as the nature is itself. Its bases are- five elements-sky element, air element, fire element, water element and earth element. Thus, this system is the oldest treatment system and is the mother of other treatment systems. Vedas and other main epics of this world describe about its main points of this science as water therapy, fast therapy, etc. in the period of Purankal, nature therapy was popular. In our country, soil has been using since ancient time for the treatment of diseases.   

         There were no hospitals and medicines in the ancient time but people of that time were healthy and lived a long life than the men of present time. There was an era when people were healthy. They did not become weak before time. Their physical, mental and spiritual powers were strong. People of that time do not grow old soon. They used to live their live according to nature.