Breast tumour



        The tumors as betel-nut to creeper occur in the breast, which are small in the beginning but its shape increases within some times. The woman feels pain in the breast and sometime she feels unbearable pain.

Treatment by different medicines :

1. Neem: Rub oil of neem or carbolic on the breast slowly as well as mix pulp of aloe-vera with turmeric and heat it thereafter tie on the breast. Use this process; it is useful to cure breast diseases.

2. Banyan: Grind green bark of banyan tree and peepal tree together there warm it. Apply it on the breast, it provides relief in breast diseases. 

3. Banchh: Make a paste by grinding its root with water and apply it on the breast. It is useful to end breast pain.

4. Butter: Wash butter of cow milk with water in flower plant 101 times and mix vermilion in it. Apply it on the front part (nipples) of the breast, it provides relief in the breast.

5. Catechu: Mix camphor with catechu and apply it on the breast or wound, it provides relief in pain and dries wound soon.

6. Datura: Coat oil on datura leaf or yellow leaves of mudar and warm it. Tie it on the breast, it provides relief in retention of breast milk. 

7. Leech: Apply leech on the breast, it ends swelling consequently, defiled blood comes out from the breast.