Breast care



       Graceful and attractive breast of a woman is the identification of good and sound health. Big and heavy breast is good for feeding milk to the children.  


      Lack of nutritive meal in childhood of a girl, no interest towards games, and lack of exercise, early marriage, hesitation in laughing and speaking, suffocated atmosphere at the home, wearing tight brasserie, shyness and ignoring breast are some causes of undeveloped breast. Breast becomes loose and flabby before time if a woman gets motherhood in premature age or she begets many children without gap. Lack of blood can be the one cause of undeveloped breast. Wrong way of feeding children makes breast loose and flabby too.   

To enlarge breast:

  • Keep on doing regular work for body exercise. Girls should take part in sports activities. Dance and jumping rope are also good exercises to make breast attractive and beautiful. If a woman does sitting job and remains far from physical activities, she should do light exercise early in the morning. She gets well developed and attractive breast if she does son.
  • Take deep breath by standing in fresh air after getting up early in the morning. The woman gets well developed breast and she gets rid of breathing problems too by taking deep breath.
  • A woman should take good meal rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. This kind of meal will make your breast attractive and charming.
  • A good size brasserie should be put on. It should neither too tight nor to loose. Brasserie should not be put on while walking in the morning, doing exercise or loose it before involving in these exercises.
  • Sometimes, many girls keep on contemplating and laugh rarely which is a big obstruction in the growth of breast. Sometimes, breast grows too late and sometimes breast gets well shape after marriage or sometimes after getting motherhood. Hence, girls should not be worried about it.  Good shape can be given to the breast by wearing padded brasserie. Some girls put on high heeled sandal to give attractive look to the breast but it is not good for health. If breast of a girl does not grow according age, consult to the doctor. There can be hormonal problem too because of undeveloped breast which can be treated by the medicines. Hormonal tablets should never be taken without consulting a doctor. If undeveloped breast is hereditary, accept this lack without thinking. 

Exercise to enlarge breast:

  • Breast should be massage in circular way by applying olive oil before some time of taking bath. Stretch one arm and move ten times in a circular way and do so by the other arm too. Thereafter, take bath in open water properly. Blood circulation becomes high by doing this exercise and breast starts to develop. 
  • Lie on the back by spreading a mat on the ground. Then, stretch both arms straightly. Lift any heavy thing by holding it with the help of hands. Fold your arms from the elbows and bring it to the breast and then return in the previous position. Do so exercise as much as you can do easily. This exercise gives an attractive and good shape to the breast.
  • Stand in an alert position. Then, entangle your fingers of both hands behind the neck. Now, bring your both elbows backwardly and forwardly slowly in the beginning and then in a fast way. Do this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes daily to make breast strong and beautiful.   

Way of feeding:

  • Some women think that feeding children ends puberty soon. Feeding children properly is good mentally and physically both mother and children.Feeding milk to the children in wrong way deforms the shape of the breast soon. Hence, never feed your child by lying on the breast. Feed by sitting and keeping the breast in the mouth of the child. Breast becomes loose if milk is fed up by lying on the bed.  
  • Hold nipple of the breast with the help of fingers and keep it into the mouth of the child. Remember one thing here necessarily that pressure should not be come on the nose while feeding milk to the child otherwise the child will neither take breath nor drink milk easily.
  • Blouse should not be too much tight.  Blouse should be in good size.  
  • Meal rich in protein makes breast beautiful.

For loose and flabby breast:

  • Improve your eating habits and vitamins should be in rich quantity in meal.
  • Massage breast with olive oil properly and there after take bath in the water of a pond or river.
  • Grind nutmeg in honey and apply this paste on the breast to make them hard and beautiful.
  • Brasserie should be in good shape and size which can give a bulging look the breast.
  • Lie on the stomach and hold your hands on the back. Then, bring your neck in the back side by raising your head as much as you can. Stay on the front side and go back side.  Loose breast will become hard and tight by doing this exercise. This exercise makes your waist, backbone, neck and shoulder strong too.

Enlarged breast:

          Women of the family should have an eye on their girl otherwise their girls will become young before time due to wrong company. Breast of many girls become enlarged because of these reasons at the time when she enters into puberty from the childhood. Girls touch or press their breast on a lonely place or this deed is done by their friends. If breast of the girl become enlarged due to hormonal change in the early age, they suffer this problem throughout life. If breast of a woman is too much enlarged, you should consult to the doctor necessarily.