Breast pain during pregnancy



        Sometimes, a woman suffers from breast pain during pregnancy. The woman does not take sound sleep by taking side properly.

Treatment of breast pain of a pregnant woman by naturopathy:

  • For the treatment of this disease, the woman should take simple food in the beginning. She should apply mud pack on the pain affected portion twice or thrice.
  • Sun rays should be fallen on the pain affected area. Here it means to say that the pregnant woman should try to take sun light on the painful breast. Thereafter, she should take waist bath (kati snan) and then cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan). Thus, the pregnant woman gets rid of this disease by above mentioned formula.
  • Mix three parts water of yellow colored bottle and one part water of dark blue colored bottle which have been kept in sunlight properly. The victim should take 25 ml water four times a day. After that, take water from the both bottles in equal quantity and then heat it. Drench a pad of cloth in this water and keep on the painful affected portion to foment. Breast pain is prevented by this therapy.