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        After birth, feeding the baby with breasts is like nectar. Mother’s milk has quality to nourish the baby physically and make changes in the baby’s body according to time. During pregnancy, additional fat is depositing in mother’s body, but this fat goes on lessening along with breasts feeding and she gets her previous body shape.  

Benefits of breasts feeding-

  • The baby digests mother’s milk easily comparison to other milk.
  • Mother’s milk has all the nutritive elements for complete growth of baby.
  • There is no any type of troubles like any disease or upset stomach, etc. found in baby by feeding with breasts milk. In other hand, the baby may fall sick as well as may be suffered from loose motion by feeding him/her with packaged or bottle milk.
  • The mother may feed her baby with her milk at any where at any time while before giving bottle milk, she has to boil that milk, cleaning the bottle, etc.
  • When the mother feeds her baby with her own milk, there is an emotional attachment develops between the mother and her baby. When the mother takes her baby closet to her chest, the baby feels him/herself safe by mother’s heartbeat.
  • The hormones produced by breasts feeding play an important role in contracting uterus and it takes its previous shape soon.
  • The woman does not able to be conceived again easily until they feed the baby with her milk.
  • Most important precautions to be followed by women while feeding the baby-
  • Mother should need to feed her baby always in sitting position. The baby’s head should be higher than its legs. She should need to hold her baby properly while feeding.
  • An ideal distance between the baby and breasts should be maintained so that the baby could not feel any type of discomfort. Do not hold the baby as far from the breasts as sucking became impossible or not bring her baby as closet as the nose of the baby suppressed with breasts and suffocation started.
  •  Mother’s nipple must be soft so that the baby would have to effort for sucking. For this purpose, she should need to wash her nipples with lukewarm water or apply Vaseline in the nipples. But, she must wash her nipples (Vaseline) well before feeding. 
  • If the nipples are small, she should need to massage her Nipples and try to erupt them with the help of fingers and thumbs so that baby could suck easily.
  •  Without thinking unnecessarily, the mother should need to feed her baby properly.
  • She should need to feed her baby 3 times a day with her one breast, because baby is not able to such at first time. While feeding the baby, sensation appear in her brain resulting milk takes time in coming and going in the breasts.
  • The baby takes air too along with milk, resulting gas is formed inside his/her stomach. So, in such case, the mother should need to stroke (pat) on the back of her baby after closing his/her to her chest. It will allow the air to come out easily. After that, she should need to such her baby again.
  • After feeding her baby, the mother should need to clean her nipples as well as baby’s mouth with wet clothe.  
  • She should need to change the side of her baby time to time while his/her sleeping period so that milk could digest easily. When baby’s side is not changed, his/her head is become flat due to sleeping on one side.  
  • After sucking, coming hiccup in the baby is a normal thing, so don’t worry about it.
  • Blackish brown circle is found around the nipples, called areola. While sucking, the baby chews this areola with her gums and palate and such milk with the help of tongue. As a result of it, the baby sucks milk easily.     
  • When the baby is not able to reach to the areola, he/she goes on sucking only the nipples, resulting the mother feels much trouble. In such condition, mother should need to put her finger in baby’s mouth and try to bring his/her mouth to the right place or should try to away the baby by making her chin between his/her mouth and breasts and then should need to feed the baby. 
  • When the baby presses the areola while sucking, sensation appears in mother’s brain and hormones secretes, resulting additional milk comes in the breasts.
  • Baby has to effort much while sucking from breasts while gets milk easily from bottle’s nipple. This is the reason why the baby sucking bottle’s milk is over weight while the baby sucking her mother has strong jaws.
  • After birth of young one, an oily thick yellow substance comes in the breasts before coming milk, called colostrums. For first two days, it comes in about 40 ml and then it goes on coming for a week along with milk. It is very nutritive element for the baby. Few women think that it is waste product and suck out by pressing with her hands, but it is absolutely wrong. 
  • The colostrums coming out from the breasts have abundant amount of protein.

Comparison of colostrums and mother’s milk in 100 gram-

                            Protein fat          carbohydrate              water

Colostrums-        2.7 gram               2.3 gram   3.2 gram      86

Mother’s milk-    1.2 gram                3.8 gram   7 gram         87           

  • The colostrums is also enrich with carbohydrates, fat, zinc, calcium, sodium chloride, vitamin ‘A’, vitamin ‘E’ and vitamin ‘B’. The amount of carbohydrate, fat and potassium is decreased within 8 days gradually. They have ability to prevent all types of diseases that protect the baby from diseases.    
  • The baby sucking his/her mother’s breasts are not suffered from disease, because mother’s milk has ability to destroy bacteria responsible for different types of diseases.
  • The baby sucking his/her mother’s breasts is not suffered from constipation and his/her stomach is also remained well.
  • In the beginning, mother’s milk has enough amount of protein, but the amount of protein is decreased after 6 months. Sufficient protein is very helpful in nourishing the baby and in the growth of his/her brain and veins.
  • After 4 or 5 months of baby’s birth, blood circulation becomes very fast in the mother, resulting enough milk is produced in mother’s breasts. Due to producing additional milk, the breasts feel heaviness and pain. So, in such condition, extra milk can be removed out with the help of pump. 
  • For removing out milk from the breasts, it is easy to use breasts pump. It is like a glass tumbler (glass) fitted with a rubber bulb in one side. It is kept on the breast after pressing the rubber bulb. By releasing this rubber bulb, it pulls breasts towards itself and milk is sucked from the breasts to the pump. Zero pressure works in this method.
  • Working women can remove out extra milk from her breasts through this pump or by pressing the breasts with the help of hands, but one thing should always be kept in mind that cleanliness is very important while doing such job and should need to keep her hands as well as utensils using for collecting milk neat and clean, because dirty milk can be harmful for the baby. This removing milk can be kept in the refrigerator too. In the refrigerator, mother’s milk is converted into two layers- fat layer as upper and milk as lower. Before feeding the baby with this milk, it should be boiled on low flame. 
  • While feeding the baby, mother should need to pull her nipples and bring it in baby’s mouth. She should also need to support the breast with her hand. It will help in erupting out the nipple easily. As a result of it, you can feed easily your baby without any troubles.
  • Cough may start in the baby due to extra length of nipple or additional amount of milk in the breasts. So, if the breasts have additional amount of milk, it should be removed out by pressing the breasts. If the nipples are too long, keep the baby at little distance.
  • When women start feeding her baby, in the first phase there is lot of protein and less amount of fat and carbohydrates in the milk, but in the next phase, fat is become 4 times and protein is left only on part. This is the reason why in the beginning breasts milk is diluted and later it is become very concentrated (thicker). When baby feels very hungry or mother thinks that her baby has remained hungry, she start feeding from her second breasts just after one breast. In this way, the baby gets light milk enrich with protein from second breasts too and he/she gets milk without fat as well as the baby does not gain weight even after getting mother’s milk again and again. The mother should need to feed her baby from only one breast so that he/she could get full amount of milk.
  • The baby should be nourished (fed) according to his/her age. How many time and in how much quantity, he/she should be fed, must be determined according to the age. But, the mother thinks that her milk is insufficient for her baby. For this confuse, the baby should be weighed before and after feeding, it will show how much quantity is sufficient for her baby. 
  • When woman feeds her baby, hormone named prolectin forms inside her body, resulting milk forms again in her breasts.  
  • Quantity of breasts’ milk depends on balanced diet and enough milk taken by mother.
  • Taking enough fenugreek, black cumin seed, dry ginger and jaggery increases milk in the breasts.   
  • Woman should never take any type of medicine for increasing milk in her breasts without asking to her doctor, because this medicine may reach in the baby too through milk and may prove harmful effect.
  • The baby sucking the breasts has strong jaws as well as baby’s weight remains maintained according to age. In other hand, the baby feeding from bottle milk has weak jaws, because he/she goes on getting milk from bottle milk without apply any effort and second, bottle milk has extra amount of fat in it. As a result of it, the baby feeding from bottle milk gains extra weight.   
  • Just after birth, the baby does not know how to suck as well as he/she also does not identify the nipples. When he/she doest not suck, mother just starts to feed from bottle milk. As a result of it, baby does not get milk having colostrums. 
  • When the baby starts sucking, milk comes in the breasts due to hormones named prolectin. Just after coming milk in the breasts, the baby does not suck any more and gets sleep, but the breasts are filled with milk. This filled milk is just changed the shape of breasts and they start hanging down. So, the baby should not be allowed to sleep without feeding him/her completely.
  • Mother should also need to be careful that from which breast she has fed her baby at first time and from which breast she has to feed next time.
  • From the first day of birth, the baby should be fed at the intervals of 1-1 hours for 3 minutes. After 5 days, this timing should be increased up to 10 minutes and gradually this timing should be increased up to 30 minutes- for 15 minutes from one breast and 15 minutes from other one. After that, the baby should be fed at the intervals of 2-2 hours. After a month, feeding the baby at the interval of 2.5 hours is appropriate.     
  • When mother brings her baby closing to her chest, sensation is started in mother’s brain resulting milk comes in the breasts.  
  • A right place must have for feeding the baby as well as mother should need to feed her baby peacefully.
  • The baby takes air too along with milk while sucking, resulting he/she is become restless. So, mother should need to pat baby’s back for removing out this filled air. By making the baby on right side, stomach air is come out easily. If this air does not come out, he/she vomits with air and there is a chance to go vomiting materials in his/her breathing tube. 
  • Normally, it is believed that the baby born naturally is very attached with his/her mother comparison to the baby born through operation.
  • If a woman has twins, she should need to feed either her babies with different breasts or each of her baby should be fed with each of her breasts one after another. 
  • After normal delivery, mother can sit in any posture for feeding her baby, but after delivery through operation, the mother should not lift the baby (weight) for few days.
  • The best way to feeding is that sit and hold the baby in such a bay that baby’s head would be up and legs would be lower. She should hold the baby in her hands in such a way that both her bands would come around the baby completely.
  • If mother does not feed her baby in right way, wound and crack may appear on the nipple by baby’s gums. This is the reason why her breasts must have nearer and as in right position to the baby’s mouth.
  • During pregnancy period, the breasts go on growing continuously. Later, the weight of the breasts may be half comparison to earlier. After delivery, the weight of the breasts is increased more due to increment of milk in them. This weight persists for 3 months. After that, it starts decreasing gradually and the breasts are become weak and soft. Due to ending fat in the breasts, sometimes their shape are decreases very much. 
  • It is very wrong belief that big breasts have less amount of milk in them.
  • Women should need to use big braw for supporting her big breasts. The braw must be made up of clothe. the braw made up of polyester may be harmful for her skin as well as it also does not have absorbing ability of moisture and it does not helpful in proper blood circulation, because polyester is stuck with the skin. As a result of it, air is not able to enter inside it.
  • If any obstruction or disturbance found in the proper blood circulation of the breasts, it may be possible that the breasts would start getting pus in them. This is the reason why the breasts need special care. At night, the braw should be untied (removed) before going to bed. The breasts should be cleaned with lukewarm water as well as she should need to take few exercises too for her breasts. 
  • Before leaving the house for outside, a cotton hanky or piece of clothe should be kept inside her braw, because if the breasts have full of milk in them, they can wet the braw.
  • If the nipples are suppressed, she should need to massage them for coming out (erupting) as well as the nipples should be pulled out with the help of fingers and thumbs. However, if the nipples are small or suppressed and the baby is not able to suck properly, she should need to massage the nipples by squeezing out her own milk.
  • During pregnancy period, the breasts should be cared by washing them with cold water or should be covered with a towel soaked in cold water. After that, another towel soaked in hot water should be covered on it. This activity enhances blood circulation in the breasts and they are remained in good condition, well, good shape, smooth and nourished. 
  • While feeding, if baby’s nose is suppressing due to heaviness of the breasts, mother start pressure her breasts from upper side instead of removing the breasts from the baby so that little gap would become in between the breast and the baby and her baby could breath properly. But, the nipples are also come up by pressing the breast from upper side, resulting the nipple start touching with baby’s palate inside his/her mouth and would is also appeared inside his/her mouth. This is the reason why the breasts should not be pressed much while feeding.
  • The nipples and their surrounding areas also start cracking by the over use of soap. So, she should be careful about the cleanliness of her breasts and should go on applying moisture on the breasts daily. 
  • If the baby sucks her mothers properly, he/she can empty one breast in about 20 minutes. If mother is remain careless while feeding, baby is tired after sucking unnecessarily as well as wounds are appeared too on the nipples by over sucking. 
  • Mother should need to change the position of the baby and her breast while feeding so that baby would not suck the same place for longer otherwise it may be responsible for wounds.
  • When wounds have been appeared in the breasts, they should be cleaned with lukewarm water. Do not use soap on them as well as the breasts should be shown in open air and sunlight. Any moisture should be applied on the breasts. The braw should be remove out before going to bed as well as they should be washed and make dry or apply any moisture after feeding.
  • Mother can also use any absorbing paper inside the braw for keeping the nipples as dry resulting the breast is remain protected from being wet.
  • While feeding, if mother has kept her baby carelessly or improper way or baby’s head would attach with her head due to any reason, the way of milk duct is become red with swelling. Due to its pain, she may feel fever along with the feeling of cold. In case of fever, she must need to inform her doctor without wasting time. During fever, she should need to do fomentation with lukewarm water and light massage on the breasts as well as should feed her baby like earlier. In this condition, she should need to take enough rest and loose her braw. If she feels pain by moving hands, she should need to take enough rest. This condition of the breasts is called mastitis.  
  • In this condition, the breasts are become red and hot as well as start getting pus along with swelling. As a result of it, she feels too much pain. This part of the breast starts appearing smooth and shiny. In this condition, doctor’s advice is most important. Mainly, it can be treated through the fomentation of the breasts and intake of medicines. When its symptoms are become much violent, operation may be needed. In this condition, pus is removed out by operation.
  • Mother should need to check her breasts daily. She should be careful about any red marks or spots or any nodes on both her breasts well while bathing and after feeding. In such case, she should feed her baby through the same breast as much possible as she can and the breast should be massaged too from backwards to frontward so that the disturbed tubes of milk would be opened and this condition of the breast would be recovered soon.
  • After birth, if the baby is kept in a nursery due to any reason, in case too mother must need to feed her baby with her breasts. If it is not possible to feed the baby by bring his/her closest to her breasts, she must feed her baby with her milk drop-by-drop after squeezing out in a clean utensil.