The weight of human brain is about 1300 gram. There are three parts of the brain and every parts keep particular organs under control. Three membranes are also found in spinal cord, which are known as meninges.  When inflammation occurs in these membranes (meninges), it is called meningitis.

Cerebrum- the front part of the brain is called cerebrum and it is the centre point of our intellectual power (wisdom), memory power, feelings and emotions, thoughts and desires. There are two hemispheres found in this cerebrum along with many layers. In its middle section, a long hollow passage (longitudinal cerebral fissure) equal to its length present. The outer layer of it is known as cerebral cortex that is responsible for the best nervous activities. The right hemisphere controls the affects fallen from left side as well as gives orders to rear parts at the time of need. 

Mid brain- a thick collection of fibers is found in it that crosses deeply to the right and left brain, both the hemispheres and utsendho. These types of fibers collection found in nerves are called brain punj and it keeps mid brain muscles controlled. If this brain is ignored, muscular functions can be disturbed and stiffness can occur in the muscles.

Cerebellum- medulla oblongata is found just above the spinal cord in the rear part of the head. It is cylindrical like structure along with hemispheres in both the sides, which is known as cerebellum as a whole. The cerebellum is a very important part of the brain, because it controls respiratory and circulatory centers as well as controls those muscles centers which are responsible for facial expressions. With the help of cerebellum too, the centers of vomiting and chewing are controlled. When it is injured by any means, all the functions said above will be disturbed badly and if it is ignored, staggering will be occurred and the body balance will be uncontrolled. 

Fore brain-

        One more part is found in the brain, which is called fore brain. It is like adhahshwetak in structure and it is located in the front part of the brain. The fore brain acts for middle circulatory centers.

Cranial nerves-

        There are 12 pairs of nerves found in our brain that grow from inferior surface, which are known as carotid (cranial) nerves. These pairs of nerves are sensory, motor and mixed. Carotid is related to the brain present inside the skull. Many arteries (nerves) are found in this carotid, which are connected with eyes, nose, ears, etc. while other arteries remain connected with skull, mouth and salivary glands. In additions to them, a type of motor nerves is also found in it that goes on moving inside the fine branches of nerves. These types of nerves are found on the chest muscles and stomach.

        When the brain and spinal cord are cut in to 2-2 halves, we see few black spots (sections) inside them. This black section is called grey matter and the area around it is called white matter due to its while color. In this black section, nervous cells are found while in white section, nervous fibers are found, which are found as spread in nervous cells. In this way, nervous fibers connect different lobes of spinal cord with brain. The grey matter found on the outer surface of cerebrum hemisphere is known as cerebral cortex. In different parts of the brain, nervous cells remain gathered and the while matter is known as nucleus (center). Nervous cells situated in the spinal cord and in the outer part of the brain are called gandikayain.      

Electrical functions of the brain-

        Even in the brain of human body, electric property is found as active. This electrical function is measure with the help of a particular device. It shows the talwark of brain, which is known as electrical brain lines. 

         When we see, work or remain excited, etc, the scripture of many membranes takes place in different conditions. For illustration- when we are in resting position, the scripture of soft and vibrated membranes take place. The scripture of slow waves takes place in case of mental resting. It is called beta membrane while the scripture of delta membrane takes place in case of tumors.

        There are also ascending and descending magnetic properties found as active inside the brain and this magnetic activity is measured through a particular device, known as magnetic brain device. It shows talwark.

Important organs found in the brain-

1.    Anana

2.   Central parikha (mid sulcus)      

3.   Parshav parikha (lateral sulcus)

4.   Parshviki  

5.   Pakshakapal    

6.   Shankhasthic    

7.   Mid brain  

8.   Cerebellum       

9.   Sanyojak ansh  

10.   Brain rajju.        

11.   Fore brain

12.   Hind brain 

13.   Cerebrum 

14.   Brain stem  

15.   Medulla oblongata.