Brachy glottis




             Brachy Glottis has known to be very useful for curing diseases after removing symptoms of the body parts. Sometimes, this medicine reacts in the body and generates fluttering symptoms in the body. This medicine is also used for curing diseases related to the kidney and urinary bladder. Brachy Glottis should be used for curing itching, nose diseases, ears diseases, suffocation, testicles swelling and the problems of the lung in which Annasar appears. It also gets rid of pain of hands twist caused by writing.

Useful in different symptoms:

Stomach related symptoms:

The patient who feels as if something is moving inside his stomach or flutter in the ovary, etc. should take Brachy Glottis. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Symptoms of urinary problems:

The patient feels pressure in the urinary bladder caused by any reason and he also wishes to urinate again even after urination. The patient feels waves in the urinary bladder and pain in the ureter. The patient suffers from mucus particles in urine. Brachy Glottis is the excellent remedy for curing above symptoms. It also gets rid of ureter pain.   

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

Brachy Glottis should be taken in the cases of feeling twist pain in the thumbs, wrist and fingers of the hands while writing and this pain is moved slowly towards bones and muscles of the hands. It gets rid of pain of hands and feet. It also makes body strong.


Brachy Glottis can be compared with drugs like- Apis, Helonious, Mercurius-corrosivus, Plumbum, etc.


1 to 3 potency of Brachy Glottis can be used for curing diseases.