Different symptoms of Bovista (after taking it):-

Bovista affects especially the skin by that crop of thatching appears on the skin.

Useful in different symptoms:

Mind related symptoms: The patient feels as if his head has become heavy and puffed up. He also feels as if pain is starting from inside of the head. An object on the patient’s hands falls down suddenly. Taking Bovista cures above symptoms. This medicine is little digestible and generates sensitivity in different parts of the body. Taking Bovista ends memory weakness and enhances memory power.

Head related symptoms: Bovista should be used in the cases of headache with the feeling of head enlargement and enlargement in the rear area of it. This headache aggravates by lying down in the morning and walking in open air (wind). Patient suffers from solid phlegm from the nose, slight pain inside the brain like crush, stammering, head itching that aggravates due to warmth, erethism (much sensitivity) and he scratches itched part until gets pain. Taking Bovista provides quick relief in these symptoms. Bovista is the best remedy for curing giddiness occurred after getting up in the morning, numbness and senselessness caused by giddiness. 

Face related symptoms: Bovista is the excellent remedy for curing coats near the nostrils and corners of the mouth, cracked lips, epistaxis, gums bleeding, cheek bloat, lips bloat, facial acnes, and much prickly-heat in the summers and other facial problems caused by make-up. It also gets rid of pain due to facial pimples. Bovista is also used for curing facial acnes caused by using cream and other products of make-up additionally.

Fever related symptoms: The patient, who is suffering from fever, excessive coldness from 7 to 10 O’clock due to fever, etc., should take Bovista. It provides quick relief from fever. The patient feels over thirst during fever and shivering in the whole body with coldness after going to bed. Bovista can be used for curing these symptoms.

Heart related symptoms: The patient who feels heart pulsations with suffocation and heart enlargement, etc. should take Bovista. It provides quick relief in these symptoms. 

Eyes related symptoms: The patient seems thing putted far away as nearer. The patient feels weak vision and eyes diving, Giving Bovista to the suffered patient cures these symptoms.

Stomach related symptoms: The patient feels as if ice ball has kept inside the stomach and intensive pain of the back due to wearing tight clothes. Bovista should be given to such patients, it provides quick relief. 

Symptoms related to women diseases: Bovista should be used in the cases of loose motions during or before the menstrual secretion, menorrhagia (excessive menses) before the time, profuse menstruation at the night, waist pain due to wear tight clothes, blood comes at intervals in little volume even after menstrual secretion, thighs pain during menses, blood leucorrhoea, tumours near the ovary, air in leucorrhoea, feeling of rumbling in the vagina, much desire for sexual relationship and solid, thick and green leucorrhoea after menses. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms.  

Stomach related symptoms: The patient suffers from stomach pain and red urination. This pain ameliorates after eating food. Taking Bovista, gets rid of stomach pain and filters urine. The patient suffers from pain near the navel and intense pain of the stomach, due to which, patient has to remain in bending posture. Taking Bovista gets rid of pain. The patient feels pain across the perineum like pricking needle which moves towards the anus and testicles. Taking Bovista gets rid of pain quickly.

In the case of chronic dysentery occurring in old person that is aggravated at night and in the morning, Bovista is beneficial. It cures chronic dysentery.

Symptoms related to ears and nose: Bovista is used for curing problems of greasy and thick secretion from the nose, nose bleeding in the morning, epistaxis (nose bleeding), ears itching and offensive pusing from the ears. It also cures all the diseases of the ears.

Symptoms related to urine and stool: Bovista is the best remedy for curing dysuria (burning sensation with urinating), itching of the ureter, itching in the anus as if worms are biting and other problems of urine. It also gets rid of stinging pain of the ureter and pain between the anus and genital organs like pricking needle.

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body: If the patient suffers from weakness of the body joints and feels as much weakness as every things fall down from his hands, Bovista is used for curing such types of symptoms. This medicine is also used for removing tiredness of hands and feet. The patient suffers from sprain of the wrist joints, offensive smell of the armpits like onion, excessive itching on the anus top, heaviness of the hands and feet, wet thatching behind the hands, feet itching and water is filled in the joints after fracturing them. Giving Bovista to the suffered patient cures these symptoms. 

Skin related symptoms: Bovista is used for curing many diseases like- skin marks caused by any reason, cold bile after excitement, rheumatism, loose motions, disorders of heart pulsations, lameness, bile disorders, ringworms, wet or dry eczema, body itching due to warmth, wet thatching, coats on the suffered part of thatching, excessive coldness, anus itching, pimples on the entire body, Pellagra (a skin disease), disorders of cold bile after getting up in the morning, intensive itching in the lower part of the back bone and other diseases of skin.   


Bovista can be compared with drugs like- Calce, Rhus-toxicodendron, Sepia, Siquita, etc.


          Bovista is inimical of tar coal. Suffocation takes place due to rising gas upwards inside the stomach. Taking Rhus-tux in the case of cold bile aggravates the symptoms of it. Sometimes, the patient starts suffering form fever after taking this medicine which appears in between 5 to 8 O’clock in the morning and 7 to 10 O’ clock at night.


          These symptoms aggravate by sneezing, after taking meals, at night and in the morning. Taking Bovista during menstrual secretion is very useful. 


          These symptoms start ameliorating while taking meal, in day time, after folding himself and by keeping the legs as folding towards the stomach.


3 to 6 potency of Bovista can be used to cure diseases.