Bothrops lanciolatus-lachesis lanciolatus




          The weak (physically) patient whose internal condition is very bad and suffers from excessive bleeding, dirty fluid, excessive laziness, hemorrhage (from anus, nose, mouth, ears and urethra), paralysis of half body, black flecks and hoarseness. The patient also suffers from shivering of ligaments, pain in the right big toe and accumulation of blood in the lungs. Speaking power of a healthy person is also affected. Borthrops Lanciolatus is used for curing above symptoms.

Useful in different symptoms:

Eyes relate symptoms:

          Borthrops Lanciolatus is the best remedy for curing the weakness of vision, possibility of blindness caused by bleeding from the cornea and amblyopia (inability of watching in the day or after sunrise). It enhances vision and prevents bleeding from the sclera of the eyes.

Face related symptoms:

Borthrops Lanciolatus is used for curing swelling and bloating of the face. This medicine reduces facial gloom and enhances glow.

Throat related symptoms:

          Borthrops Lanciolatus should be used in the cases of throat redness, throat dryness, throat contraction and feeling of problems while swallowing food or other products. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Stomach related symptoms:

          Borthrops Lanciolatus is the best remedy for curing black vomiting, stomach bloating, blood vomiting and loose motions with blood. It also gets rid of pain in the upper half portion of the stomach

Skin related symptoms:

          Borthrops Lanciolatus should be taken for curing symptoms of skin swelling, skin blueness, and excessive coldness of the skin, bleeding from the skin, gangrene, anthrax, malignant and swelling of the lymph vessels.


These symptoms aggravate by bending and sleeping on the right side.


Borthrops Lanciolatus can be compared with Toxicophis.


3 to 6 potency of Borthrops Lanciolatus can be used for curing diseases.    


          If the patient suffers from intensive pain, swelling, gangrene and bleeding of intensive poison, tranchinas of Borthrops Lanciolatus should be used on the suffered part. 

Special use:

          When a snake named Taxiskophis bites to someone, first of all, the patient suffers from fever. This fever is cured by itself, but goes on coming every year. Sometimes other symptoms  appear instead of fever. The patient suffers from extraordinary (additional) dryness of skin, swelling of shofaj and pain of the nerves which appears at fix time. The patient feels body pain which roams in the whole body. These symptoms appear by biting Toxiskophis snake. Taking Borthrops Lanciolatus checks this type of poisoning.