Boricum acid




Specially, Boricum Acid is used to prevent different diseases. This medicine prevents fermentation and putrefaction as aggravate.

Useful in different symptoms:

Skin related symptoms:

Boricum Acid is the excellent remedy for curing skin swelling, exfoliating, and swelling near the eyes and red blisters of the whole body and hands’ skin.  If water is filled in the tissues near the eyes, Boricum Acid should be given to the patient. It cures the skin problems and eyes' diseases.  

Urine related symptoms:

Boricum Acid should be used in the cases of diabetes mellitus, ureter pain, and excessive coldness, diseases which caused by diabetes, tongue dryness, tongue redness, cracked tongue and cold saliva coming from the mouth. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Symptoms of woman diseases:

Boricum Acid is used for curing problems of frequent urination with burning sensation, excessive coldness of the vagina, and feeling of irritation during menses. It also cures other diseases of women


3 potency of Boricum Acid can be used to cure diseases.

Dosage of Boricum Acid in the particular symptoms of diseases:

  1. If the patient suffers from swelling of the pharynx or respiratory pipe and frequent cough with pain. If spit contains bacteria, and greasy spit comes with pneumonia. The patient can take 0.30 grams of Boricum Acid 6 times a day.
  2. If someone suffers from swelling of the urinary bladder with pain like chopping, the solution of Boricum Acid should be given by injection or its one spoon powder with one glass hot milk.
  3. Mix 1 gram Boricum Acid in 28 milliliters water, and foment stye with this solution, it cures stye quickly.
  4. Spraying the powder of Boricum Acid on the wounds cures them quickly.