Borax veneta



           Borax Veneta has known to be very useful remedy for curing many types of diseases. This medicine acts better on the nervous systems. The patient who scares much and feels problem after hearing any voice, noise, cough, etc. should take Borax Veneta. Specially, this medicine ends fear.

Useful in different symptoms:

Mind related symptoms: If the patient suffers from mental disorders caused by any disease and feels fear because of that disease. The patient scares by feeling to go downwards. Sometimes, the child awakes suddenly with crying during his sleep caused by fear and also suffers from excessive nervousness. Child scares from hearing any sound during sleep. Borax Veneta should be given to such patients in above symptoms. It ends fear and enhances patience.

Mouth related symptoms: Small and white blisters appear inside the mouth of the child. Child suffers from excessive warmth of the mouth and loose motions of green color. Giving Borax Veneta to that child ends the above symptoms quickly.

Cough related symptoms: Borax Veneta is used for curing symptoms of cough, offensive cough and green phlegm with cough. It also gets rid of chest pain occurring in the right portion of the chest during cough.

Ear related symptoms: Borax Veneta is the best remedy for curing otorrhoea.

Eyes related symptoms: Borax Veneta should be used in cases of adhesive secretion from the eyes after getting up in the morning and affixed eyeballs with each-other. 

Symptoms related to urine and stool: White coat appears inside and this coat appears again after removing it. The colour of patient's stool is turned into green. Taking Borax Veneta is useful in the above symptoms.

The child cries during urination caused by burning sensation. Sand particles are found in the child urine. Borax Veneta should be given to that child in these symptoms. It cures urinary problems and makes urine clear.

Symptoms of the respiratory systems: Taking Borax Veneta cures diseases of the respiratory systems. It acts on the synovial membrane of the respiratory pipe and brings green phlegm out. The patient who suffers from symptoms of polarities in the right side of his chest should take Borax Veneta. It provides quick relief in the above symptoms.

Symptoms related to woman diseases: Taking Borax Veneta provides relief in white leucorrhoea. Giving Borax Veneta to the woman provides relief in little hurt and in the initial stage of appearing wounds.