Borax is used to cure many types of disease. Specially, this medicine is useful to cure children diseases and diseases caused by epilepsy. Besides them, Borax is also used for curing intestinal diseases, gastro irritation, salivation, vomiting, nausea, stomachache, loose motions, collapse, albuminaria, castus, delirium, vesicle spasm, eyes diseases, and haematuria and skin eruption.

           This medicine is used for curing child diseases. Giving Borax to the child during dentition gets rid of pain and makes dentition easy. Sometimes, a child scares much and also scares from height. The child also scares while coming down from up or stairs down and by swinging too. Giving Borax to the child ends his fear. The child who is suffering from excessive sleeping and awakes suddenly, crying while sleeping, and child also scares by hearing slow sound. Giving Borax to the child provides quick relief in the above symptoms.

Useful in different symptoms: 

Mind related symptoms: The patient suffers from lack of patience and he wishes to throw something in the air and catching that. The patient feels impatience while walking from up to down. He hands up as if he is trying to stop something from falling down. The patient feels nervousness and he scares soon. The patient scares by hearing any type of sound. Giving Borax to the suffered patient cures the above symptoms. This medicine is also useful to end giddiness or nausea caused by doing mental work.

Head related symptoms: Borax should be used in cases of headache, head louses and nausea with body trembling. The patient’s hair tingles. Borax provides quick relief from these symptoms. It checks hair problems and gets rid of pain.

Eyes related symptoms: The patient feels as if his eyelids have cut; bright waves in the eyes and eyelash are turned inside. The patient suffers from burning sensation of the eyelids, swelling in the outer corners of the eyes and feeling of eyes heaviness. Dirt accumulates in the eyes after getting up in the morning. Giving Borax to the suffered patient provides quick relief from the above symptoms.  

Ears related symptoms: Sometimes, patient’s hearing power enhances caused by any sudden incident by that crop of, the patient hears even slow voice as loud. Normally, the patient does not feel any problems, but sometimes he suffers from intense tinnitus caused by hearing loud sound. Taking Borax provides quick relief in the above symptoms.

Nose related symptoms: In nose symptoms, young girls suffer from nose redness. The patient suffers from swelling of the nose apex (top), stretch of the nose, red and bright swelling of the nose and dry layers on the nose. In this disease, wound appears on the nose too. Borax can be used to end above symptoms.  

Face related symptoms: Borax should be used for curing problems of face yellowness, facial swelling, nose pimples, lips pimples and feeling of spider trap on the mouth. Patient face turns into dusty colour and he looks like ill. 

Mouth related symptoms: Borax is used in cases of mouth blisters, feeling of white mildew or white gulm like kavak in the mouth, mouth-warmth, sparshkatar, bleeding from blisters by touching them or eating food and intensive pain of gums caused by gums boil. This medicine provides quick relief from the above symptoms.

Besides them, if the baby cries for sucking, this medicine also can be used. If mouth taste becomes as bitter or like mildew, Borax should be taken, it provides quick relief.

If mouth taste is bitter, and Borax is not available, drugs like- Bryonia, Pulsatilla, Cupr etc. can be used.

Stomach related symptoms: If stomach bloats after eating food and the patient wishes to vomit, Borax should be given to the patient. Taking Borax gets rid of stomach pain caused by vaginal diseases. This medicine also gets rid of such stomach pain in which the patient feels loose motions.

Stool related symptoms: Borax is the best medicine for curing child diseases. Giving Borax to the child cures diluet loose motions of him having offensive smell. Sometimes, the child feels gripping pain inside the stomach before loose motions which have foul smell. Giving Borax to the child provides quick relief. If the patient suffers from mouth blisters and greasy loose motions, Borax should be given to that patient. It cures mouth blisters and loose motions of the children.


Borax should be given carefully or according to mental symptoms of the child.

Symptoms of urinary problems: The child who suffers from diabetes mellitus (urinating again and again) and cries loudly before urination, Borax should be given to that child. It gets rid of pain with urination. If a patient’s urine is very hot, Borax should be taken. The patient who suffers from lancinating pain of the urinary pipe and his urine has intensive foul smell, should take Borax. If small red blisters appear on the testicles, Borax should be taken. It cures blisters and also gets rid of pain.

Gynecology related symptoms: Giving Borax to the pregnant woman gets rid of delivery pain and cures excessive belching. Sometimes, there is a secretion of milk from the breasts due to excessive milk in the breasts; giving Borax to that woman reduces breasts milk. The woman suffers from pain in other nipple while suckling (feeding) her baby, excessive white leucorrhoea during menses and she feels as if hot water is blowing. Giving Borax to the suffered woman provides quick relief in the above symptoms. The woman suffers from excessive menses before the time, gripping pain of the stomach, nausea, membranous, sterility and stomach pain which starts from the stomach and moves towards her back slowly. The woman feels swelling in her vagina and pain like bury. Borax should be given to the woman to end above problems. Taking Borax cures eczema and  itching sensation of the vagina. Taking this medicine enhances the ability of conceiving.

Symptoms of the respiratory systems: Borax should be used in cases of cough, dirty phlegm with cough having offensive smell, feeling of pricking pain in the chest during cough or inhaling, offensive smell during cough, pain in the lungs membrane, foul breath and intense pain in the upper part of the left chest. It cures cough and brings phlegm out. It prevents offensive smell and also gets rid of pain.  

The patient feels breathing problems after lying down and he has to awake for breathing by that crop of, patient feels pain in the right ribs while breathing. The patient suffers from difficult breathing after doing some works or while stairs up. Borax is very useful remedy for curing such types of symptoms. 

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body: Borax should be used in cases of heels pain, itching of the hands and behind of fingers’ joints, feeling of spider trap on the hands, burning sensation in the tip of big toe, pain in the soles like pricking needle, pain with burning sensation on the top of thumb, pain with burning sensation of the toe and nail problems with thatching of hands and feet. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Skin related symptoms: Borax is the best remedy for curing problems of skin itching, erysipelas of the face, itching in the back portion of the fingers joints, skin dirtiness with offensive perspiration, skin diseases caused by internal problems of the body, skin swelling after light stroking on the skin, itching, stinging pain and eruptions on the hands and fingers. Borax should be taken for preventing wounds on the suffered skin. Taking Borax cures skin straining, parisarp and burning sensation and swelling of erysipelas. The patient suffers from cracked heels and gets relief in the open air. Sometimes, head hairs entangle caused by skin diseases and it is very hard to disentangle (solve) them. Taking Borax cures skin diseases and also ends hair entangling.

Symptoms related to sleep: The patient dreams sexual dreams while sleeping and he can not sleep properly due to excessive warmth of the head. The patient suffers from excessive warmth of the body and he gets up suddenly with crying on the bed. Patient feels much fear and he also suffers from debility and other problems due to disturbance in his sleep. Borax should be given to such patients, it cures above symptoms quickly. This medicine has power to end fear by that crop of patient does not see nightmare or sexual dreams during sleep.  


These symptoms aggravate by smoking, living in a hot room, in noisy atmosphere, in the summers, after menstrual secretion and by moving downwards, etc.


The patient gets relief by pressing on the suffered part, in the evening and in winters.  


Borax can be compared with durgs like- Calce, Bryonia, Saniquila, Sulphuricum Acidum, etc. 


Acetic-acid, Vinegar and wine (alcohol) are inimical to each other. So, these drugs should not be taken together, it may be harmful for health.

Anti-miasmatic drugs:

Chammo and Coffea are used for removing bad effects of Borax.


  1. 1 to 3 potency of Borax should be taken.
  2. Taking Borax for many days provides relief in skin diseases.
  3. Washing the external parts of the vagina with the lotion of Borax cures vaginal itching