Bone fracture




          In this disease, bone of a person’s body slips from its real place or bones breaks because of which the patient has to face great troubles.

Cause of bone fracture:

          There are several reasons of bone fracture. Such kinds of causes are as when pressure falls on any bone of the body in any accident, bone breaks or it slips from its place. Bone of the body breaks if there is any traction in the body suddenly.

Symptoms of bone fracture:

          The victim suffers from violent pain if the bone breaks because of any reason. He does not do any work properly due to broken bone. He suffers very much because of this reason. 

Treatment of broken bone according to naturopathy:

          A support of any plank or thing should give to that portion of the body where bone has broken. Plank or thing should be tied on the affected portion. Thereafter, a bandage of cloth drenched in cold water should be tied there. After that, keep on pouring cold water on the bandage. Apply hot and cold applications on the affected area to reduce pain if the victim has been suffering from excessive pain. Pay attention that affected area should not be moved. The victim should take rest as much as he can. If the patient gets relief from hot application, foment to the affected area with hot applications. 

          If the bone has slipped from its real place, the treatment should be started by a physician who is well versed to join to broken bones. After some days of treatment or when pain on the affected area has been reduced to some extant, the victim should apply mud packs by turns in day in place of cold bandages of cloth. Thus, slipped bone replaces on its real place by this treatment and the patient gets well.