Boletus larisis-polyparus offisinale






            Boletus Laricis–Polyporus Officinale has known to very useful in relapsing fever (fourth coming fever). This fever appears at intervals of every 4-4 days. If fever is not cured even after little sweating on his body, Boletus Laricis–Polyporus Officinale should be taken. If the patient of lungs consumption (t.b) suffers from sweating at the night, Boletus Laricis–Polyporus Officinale should be taken. It provides quick relief. 

Useful in different symptoms:

Head related symptoms: Sometimes, the patient feels his head as light and hollow. He also suffers from intensive headache. Boletus Laricis–Polyporus Officinale should be taken in such types of symptoms. A yellow coat affixes on the tongue and marks appear on the tongue too. The patient always feels nausea. These are the symptoms of head diseases. Taking Boletus Laricis–Polyporus Officinale cures above symptoms.

Fever related symptoms: Boletus Laricis–Polyporus Officinale should be used in the cases of feeling coldness or warmth in the bones of back, yawning (laziness), tiredness of the whole body caused by cold (winter), feeling of intensive pain in the joints of shoulders and in the lower parts of the back, coldness with fever caused by consumption and profuse sweating at the night. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms.  

Skin related symptoms: Boletus Laricis–Polyporus officinale is used for curing problems of the skin dryness, skin warmth, excessive dryness of the palms and excessive itching of the arms and shoulders.


Boletus Laricis–Polyporus Officinale can be compared with Agarisin, Poliporus Officinale, Boletus Larisis, Boletus Satenus, etc.


Boletus Laricis–Polyporus Officinale should be used as 1potency in diluted form.