Boerhaavia diffusa




            Boerhaavia Diffusa is used for curing many types of disease after treating its symptoms. This medicine is very useful to cure especially asthma and berry-berry. It also controls high blood pressure. This medicine is useful for curing dropsy, jaundice, and gonorrhoea and heart disorders. This medicine is also used for checking snake or other types of poisoning. 

Useful in different symptoms: 

Head related symptoms: Boerhaavia Diffusa should be taken in cases of intense headache, feeling of pain in the lower parts of the head which is ameliorated by drinking cold water or other cold products and feeling as if someone has torn his head.

Cough related symptoms: Taking Boerhaavia Diffusa cures dry cough occurring with cold and catarrh. Taking Boerhaavia Diffusa also prevents white and thick phlegm with cough.

Heart related symptoms: Boerhaavia Diffusa can be used in cases of high blood-pressure and pain with burning sensation of the heart. It brings high blood-pressure under control and gets rid of pain and burning sensation. 

Liver related symptoms: Sometimes, the patient suffers from liver pain that is aggravated by touching near the liver. The patient gets relief by pressing near the suffered part. Taking Boerhaavia Diffusa gets rid of liver pain quickly. Boerhaavia Diffusa is also used for curing cirrhosis of the liver.

Symptoms related with swelling: Boerhavia Diffusa is used for curing the swelling of every part of the body. Taking Boerhaavia Diffusa cures swelling of eyelids, hands, stomach and feet.

Symptoms related to urinary problems: Boerhaavia Diffusa should be used in cases of retention of urine, scanty urine, and frequent urination with burning sensation and pain while urination. The patient’s urine turns into dark colour. Boerhaavia Diffusa cures above diseases and gets rid of pain during urination.

Symptoms of the body pain: Taking Boerhaavia Diffusa gets rid of joints pain of the entire body.


Mother tincture of Boerhaavia Diffusa should be used for curing diseases.