Body pain


Ayurvedic Important articles:


        The patient feels fatigue and pain in the body due to field work for the whole day, office work, school or playing.


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1.     Garlic:


    Cook four pods of garlic (without peels) and 2 grams or half spoon caraway with 30 ml mustard oil on light fire. When garlic and caraway become black then put it down and cool. Filter this oil and rub this oil on the body. It is useful to end body pain.
    2.     Camphor:


      Fill 10 grams camphor and 200 ml mustard oil in bottle. Close this bottle properly and put it in sun light. When both things (camphor and mustard oil) mix properly, rub this oil on the affected part. It is useful to cure vatta disorders, veins pain, waist and back pain, hips pain, muscles pain and all types of pain. Note: This oil should not be applied on the breast because it stops breast milk.
      3.     Cinnamon:


        • Sometimes, patient suffers from soldier pain. Cinnamon should be used in this condition.
        • Mix equal quantity of honey and cinnamon powder together. Take one spoon this mixture in the morning; it increases fighting power to diseases and viral infection in the body. Rub this mixture on the soldier and also coat it at last.
        4.     Coriander:


          The body parts become exhaust due hard work. Many times, exhaust activity occurs in the body parts due to fatigue. Like, when the physically energy ends in enough quantity then toxin (a type of disorders) occurs in the body parts. The patient body suffers from pain in this disease. The patient does not want to do any work in this condition and his body wants massaging. The body wants relief every time. The patient should sit in the syrup of salt and coriander for some times. The body parts should be washed with it slowly. Besides it, boil 100 grams coriander, 10 grams salt and 5 grams asafoetida with water. Take steam of this water, it provides relief in body pain. This water can be drunk with drought by drought. Drink this mixture; it gets the body power due to attacked activity. Rest is also useful.
          5.     Alum:


            Grind equal quantity of raw alum and soda by carb together. Take half spoon this mixture with lukewarm water, it provides relief in body pain.
            6.     Fenugreek:


              Physically pain is cured by taking about 2 grams powder of fenugreek and 2 grams powder of cumin seed with hot milk.
              7. Celery seed:

              Celery seed:

                Boil celery seed with oil and rub it on the body. Heat leaves of celery seed and layer on the bed. The patient should sleep on this bed with covering light cloth. It is useful to get relief in body pain.
                8. Peepal:


                  Mix chandrus with peepal milk and apply it on the body. It provides relief in pain.