Body, mind and fasting


Introduction :

        If a person perform fast once in a week, his body is cleaned internally as well as his mind too is affected by fast. When a disease or pain occurs in our body, our appetite is lost for eliminating that disease or pain. The brain has excessive tension, irritation or anger, etc. 

        It means that when any type of troubles occurs in physical functions, our appetite is lost and warns (notify) us for the necessity of fast. As well as by performing fast, diseases are cured, mental disorders are also eliminated. Many expert doctors shocked after knowing the affects of fast on various people that fast influences the mind more than our body. By performing fast, our mind and soul become pure and blessed.    

        The people, after performing 1-2 long fast in the presence of an expert doctor, get more ability to overcome on difficulty matter or worry. Because diseases occurred due to eating much are very harmful to the internal power of our body. But by performing fast, most of the diseases are eliminated and our internal power has no need to fight with any other enemies. At this time, we are able to take all the works from it. All our organs (senses) get power and start doing their work easily. If fast can provide benefit to our body all the ways, it can also make our mind and soul pure (cleaned) and increases their ability (power). Fast is as much beneficial to eliminate mental disorders as cure physical diseases.    

        The people who want to became free from any disease as well as their mind remained cool, performing fast is very useful for them. Those who will become free from diseases and their all the physical activities will become easy will also remain happy.

Note :

        Many people do not feel hunger and they believe that it is a type of disease. They do not know that our digestive system is informing us that any problem is about to come and you must repair it. Inside our body, many such substances are present that control all the internal functions of our body during fast.

        Many other substances are also available inside our body that keep on storing for our future (old age), but it is used at the time of any problems for repairing them and after repairing, lost substances are fulfilled by their selves. These can be used at the time of need and after using them, there are no any troubles the body faces for its daily routine work. If the people think that by performing fast, they get weakness in their body and it is dangerous for their life, it is absolutely wrong.