Blumea odorata



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             Blumea odorata is used to cure many diseases but it especially cures cough, fever, hemorrhage and the irritation of throat. It is also used to cure hemorrhage related diseases as like bloody loose motions, amoebic dysentery, repeatedly loose motion, etc.

             During pregnancy period, if any woman has been suffering from blood hemorrhage from vagina, she should take Blumea odorata. It is too much useful in this condition. It stops bleeding from vagina. It cures also bloody leucorrhoea. Blumea odorata medicine stops all the types of blood hemorrhage from the body.

Useful in different symptoms:

Fever related symptoms- If anyone has been suffering from malaria fever, which occurs on the third day, he should take Blumea odorata. It is useful to cure malaria fever. If it is used before occurring fever, fever does not occur and other problems also end.   

Menstruation disturbance related symptoms- If woman has been suffering from excessive menstruation. She should take Blumea odorata. Consequently, menstruation become normal and others menstruation related disturbance also cure.

Cough- Blumea odorata cures cough; it also cures the irritation of throat, whooping cough, etc.

Dosage- Mother Tincture, 2x, 3x potency of this drug can be used to cure the diseases.