Blue Vitriol



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[ B ] Related Medicines:

Useful in different diseases:

1.Mouth Blisters:

  • If anyone has been suffering from injury with any sharp weapon, dissolve half-gram blue vitriol in 100 ml water. Immerse a bandage (cotton piece) in this water and tie on the affected part. It prevents bleeding and fills the wound.
  • Applying ground blue vitriol on affected part prevents bleeding.

8.Syphilis: Mix 14 grams powder of toasted blue vitriol with butter or cream and take with water in morning.

9.Ribs’ Pain: Grind one-gram pure blue vitriol with 10 grams Kanza seeds and mix with the pulp of idoran fruit. Make 14 grams’ tablets with this mixture and tie on ribs. It provides relief.