Blue Vitriol



Useful in different diseases:

1. Mouth Blisters:

  • Toast blue vitriol on fire and prepare powder after grinding. Chew little powder equal to 2 pieces rice after keeping it in betel-leaf and spit. It cures blisters and wounds.
  • Grind equal quantity of blue vitriol’s ash and catechu together. Mix some mixture with water and give to the patient for gargling. Its use provides relief.
  • Mix 1\4 gram toasted blue vitriol with honey. Apply this mixture on mouth blisters and throws saliva out from the mouth. It will cure mouth blisters.

2. Granular Trachoma: Rub a piece of blue vitriol in eyes twice a day regularly for 3-4 days and wash eyes with cold water.  Its use provides relief a lot of.

3. Children Pneumonia: Mix toasted blue vitriol with toasted borax and 5 grams honey and make tablets equal to half kidney bean (urad). Grind one tablet with mother’s milk in the morning and give to the child. It cures pneumonia, loose-motion, vomiting and milk vomiting.

4. Asthma or Breathe: If there is chronic asthma, grind one gram-toasted blue vitriol, one-gram jiggery and pestle with mudar milk together and prepare 7-8 tablets. Eating these tablets creates vomiting and loose-motions but patient should not worry. One should take light food like gruel and mixed-heap (Khichri). Its use provides relief within 7-8 days.

5. Gums’ diseases: Grind blue vitriol, toasted alum each 2 grams and 3 grams Lahori salt altogether and prepare fine powder. One should gargle with one glass water by mixing this powder twice a day.

6. Piles: Grind 20 grams blue vitriol and 40 grams opium together. Cook this powder with 40 ml mustard oil and prepare a paste. After that, apply it on moles with cotton twice a day, it ends the moles within 8-10 days.

7. Wound

  • If anyone has been suffering from injury with any sharp weapon, dissolve half-gram blue vitriol in 100 ml water. Immerse a bandage (cotton piece) in this water and tie on the affected part. It prevents bleeding and fills the wound.
  • Applying ground blue vitriol on affected part prevents bleeding.

8. Syphilis: Mix 1\4 grams powder of toasted blue vitriol with butter or cream and take with water in morning.

9. Ribs’ Pain: Grind one-gram pure blue vitriol with 10 grams Kanza seeds and mix with the pulp of idoran fruit. Make 1\4 grams’ tablets with this mixture and tie on ribs. It provides relief.