Blood pressure (arterio-sclerosis)




The heart pumps out blood to arteries (veins). It also pumps in blood purified in the lungs. In normal condition, the heart pumps out blood to arteries 72 times per minute and then these arteries carry that blood to the entire body. In this way, when arteries carry pure blood to the different parts of the body, is called ‘blood pressure’ (pulse running).

For supplying pure blood to the different body parts, the heart has to expand and contract like a pump continuously. In this way, pure blood circulates in different organs through arteries due to the expansion and contraction of heart and impure blood is collected again in the lungs carried from those organs and then the lungs supply this impure blood to the heart again after purification. Due to this circulation of blood, different organs are able to work well. In this way, blood that circulates by the contraction and expansion of heart is called ‘Blood pressure’. When heartbeats become fast and the circulation of blood also becomes fast in arteries, is called ‘High blood-pressure’.    

Few important tips about blood pressure:-

Blood pressure does not remain same all the time but goes on changing according to condition. Example- after taking meals, when the stomach needs extra blood, blood pressure is raised. In this way, when a person works hard physically, his blood pressure is also raised. Blood pressure is also raised due to mental excitement, anger, fear, at the time of worry or ailments.     

Besides them, blood pressure is also raised due to sickness of the kidneys, loss of essential elements from the body through urine, fatness, taking liquor (alcohol), involving in sexual intercourse, eating non-vegetarian food, eating more than hunger, constipation and during pregnancy period in women. In the case of high blood pressure as well as low blood pressure, the sufferer suffers more. Lean and thin or weak person, who does not get sufficient diet, suffers from low blood pressure. In old age, blood vessels become weak due to weakness of the body; layers of uric acid, calcium, etc. are thickened in blood vessels, which is also the reason for high blood pressure. Blood pressure does not remain same all the time, so proper checkup is necessary.  


While using homoeopathic drugs, it should be remembered that these drugs should not be used again and again (frequently) and when drugs start working, it should not be repeated. If chosen drug make no impression, drug should be given again after observing symptoms well. Numbers as ‘6’ or ‘30’ written after drug’s name represent the potency of that drug. 

What is the normal blood pressure should have in the body:-

Normally the systolic pressure of an adult is 100 + half of his age. Example- If a person is 50 years old, his blood pressure should be 100 + half of 50 = 125-135. If the systolic pressure of a person is more than 135, it is called ‘High Blood Pressure’. For low blood pressure, we have to observe the supplying pressure of blood of the heart. When the heart does not pump out blood to arteries and pump in blood from the lungs. In this way, while receiving blood from the lungs, it passes out blood whether in slow motion. Expansion pressure of the heart can not be more than its contraction pressure. There is difference between in both of them. Difference between them should be about 50-60, but not more than it. When this type of difference is more than it, is called ‘Low Blood Pressure’.  

Contraction pressure of the heart should be less than its expansion pressure.

Example- if the contraction pressure of the heart is 120, its expansion pressure should be 80. It is the blood pressure of a person of 40 years. If the blood pressure of a person aged 40 years is more than 120 and 80, he has suffered from high blood pressure and if it is less than 120 and 80, he has suffered from low blood pressure. Expansion pressure also becomes more if contraction pressure of the heart is high and if contraction pressure is low, its expansion pressure also becomes low. Sometimes, there is no any difference (relation) between them found. 

Other way for knowing blood pressure:-

For this purpose, first of all, find the age of that person. If a person is 50 years old, subtract 20 years from his age that is 50-20=30. Now divide 30 into two halves and then add one half (15) in 120. After adding it becomes 135. Thus, blood pressure of a person of 50 years is 135.

In this way, the blood pressure of heart contraction of a person of 50 years should be about 135. Difference of 5-10 points (less or more) in blood pressure is ignored. Blood pressure of heart expansion should be about 60-64 points less, means 135-65=75. In this case also, difference of 5-10 points (less or more) is ignored.

In a person above 50 years, systolic pressure 150 and diastolic pressure 90 are known as normal.           


                                       Diastolic                 Systolic

1. Little high                   150 to 180              90 to 110            

2. High normally             180 to 210             110 to 120

3. Fast normally              210 to 230            120 to 130

4. Fast high blood           more than 230     more than 130