Blisters in the mouth of children



          Sometimes, blisters occur in the mouth of small children. This disease occurs when a mother dosed the child too much milk due to excessive affection. The child is not able to digest this milk and the milk starts to decay. In this condition, the child suffers from mouth blisters. Hence, it can be called that the stomach of child should be kept neat and cleansed to keep the child away from this disease. This disease of the child can be cured by nature therapy.

Treatment of mouth blisters by nature therapy:

  • Grind beleric myrobalan with water or rose water and give to children if they have been suffering from mouth blisters. They get rid of mouth blisters soon.
  • A bandage of wet soil should be kept on the abdomen of the child. Thereafter, water should be given to the child to drink.
  • All the diseases disappear if juice of orange and mosambi is given to the child to drink.
  • Mix honey in the water of spoiled milk. Give this water to the child to drink. Mouth blisters disappear soon by the use of this treatment.


          A child gets rid of mouth blisters by the treatment done by nature therapy.